Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - burgundy £58.65 @ Amazon UK £58.65

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker - burgundy £58.65 @ Amazon UK £58.65

Found 9th Jan 2016
Seems like a good price for the Fitbit One. Burgundy is cheaper than the black one.
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Not the cheapest ever, but certainly one of the cheapest prices it's been for a while.

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Wouldn't it be better getting a Fitbit Charge from Amazon for £65 ?

Wouldn't it be better getting a Fitbit Charge from Amazon for £65 ?

The extra features are auto sleep detection and caller ID for the Charge, so if you think they're worth seven quid, yes. However, we've just got the One as present for someone who works in healthcare, and isn't able to wear a 'watch' for 'elf and safety reason. So I'd say there's still a market for the One.
i prefer the one as i don't want something huge on my wrist :-)
Not a bad price for the one, although the Charge isn't much more these days...and even the Charge HR is of late not much more than £20 more expensive.

I started with the One, in this exact colour in fact. As has been said above, not everyone wants or can wear a wrist based fitness monitor so there's definitely a market still for these. I sold mine in the end and updated to the Charge but these are my thoughts on it having owned it for 7 months:

Small and fairly inobtrusive - when clipped to your belt etc you forget you've got it on
Step count can be pretty accurate - when you record your typical average step / stride distance in the App
Floor count also pretty accurate - bizarrely steep walks uphill are measured the same as climbing stairs i.e. floors climbed - but it's still useful nonetheless
Battery life was fantastic - easily 2 weeks on a full charge

The belt clip can weaken over time and makes for a lesser grip on your belt - some risk of losing the device if this happens.
Some folks have complained that the taking the One in and out of the rubber clip case weakens the rubber on the case and it can split - never experienced this so could be fine if you take care like I did. Worth noting though that many of these folks also said they contacted Fitbit and were sent replacement clips FOC.
Occasionally stopped counting floors climbed - easily fixed with a reset of the device (hold button down while charging it)
Too easy to forgot it's still clipped to clothing....only to find it waving at you some time later from within the washing machine - had this happen once (thanks to the other half not noticing it - even after I texted her to say I'd left it clipped to my shorts!) and it broke the device. They're not waterproof!. Luckily Fitbit exchanged it for me - their customer service is faultless.

I don't regret going for the Charge HR but have to say I miss the 2 weeks between charges of the One!.
Been using the Fitbit One for almost 3 years now. Just bought the Fitbit Charge HR for £50.
Expired? Seems to show £69 now
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