Fitness4less London, Southwark - No joining fee with this code- save £55.46

Fitness4less London, Southwark - No joining fee with this code- save £55.46

Found 20th Dec 2012
Just in time for the obligatory new years resolution of losing some weight. Put off by the fact that youll inevitably join, go 2 or 3 times then quit? No problem, sign up free using code: SOUTHREFF (saves you the one off joining fee of £55.46) then only pay £14.99 per month with no contract.
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Wow.. that's one big joining fee for that Fitness4less branch. My local F4L (Newport) has been either £25 or have done a few promos where there's been a zero joining fee. Good job they're doing no fee at the moment.
Also, I don't know if it's the same with every F4L but mine are putting their monthly fee up from £14.99 to £15.99 in the new year.
Central London prices for you... It used to be £65 I believe, when they first opened.
All joining fees are a massive rip-off. It is akin to you having an annoying guide riding shotgun when you have just acquired a driver's license. There is no added value to this scam if you have been a gym member on and off. With this massive joining fee a new joiner, who has been around the block, gets nothing. I wish there was an Ombudsman looking after gym members' interests, all you have is a consumers' forum which is as good at biting as a dead butterfly.

Have not voted for this deal either way......
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