Fitted Car Mats from £11 delivered! With code @ Value Car mats

Fitted Car Mats from £11 delivered! With code @ Value Car mats

Found 3rd Jan 2014
Used this company before, so I can vouch for them despite the "not so great" website.

Use the code IWANTADEAL for up to 40% off.

Just ordered a set for my 645ci and came to £11.70 including delivery!

Hope this helps some of you out


Hot. I got some for the other half last year for her new car. They fitted perfectly and were a good deal.

Just ordered some, thank you.

£11.84 for my mini, thanks great deal

Decent site that. Thanks

Excellent. Was looking for mats and my Insignia mats came to 14.84 incl delivery. Great deal.

I don't need mats as have the original Renault ones supplied that are perfect however have ordered these as spare ones,they look a great bargain.
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Ordered !!

ordered, thanks!

Brilliant cheers OP

Original Poster

Glad you're all finding it helpful!

Ordered two sets - good reviews from previous deal, have some heat:)

Ordered thanx!

Honda Jazz matts = £11.84 delivered!

650 Gram carpet aint the greatest quality, but for 11.84 for my 3 series it'll do for post football protection.

Got some last year. Not the best quality but OK for the price.

good deal £11.84 for a set for my zafira so I get 6 mats lol

great mats bought for my a3 2 month ago would highly recommend

Ordered before Xmas when there was a similar deal. They did take a couple of weeks to arrive due to the huge anount of orders being received However, was kept informed. Fitted them Boxing day - Perfect fit (Chevvy Cruze)

Ordered some for my mx5, only £11. Had to use Iwantadeal instead of all caps though. Thanks

Used this company. Very pleased.good offer

Ordered. Thankjs

£11.84, ordered!!

many thanks for this deal

Great Deal... Thanx OP

ordered some for the van and car thanxs

just ordered for my Qashqai £12 cannot argue cheaper than Halfrauds non model specific mats good find op

stock ones are grand although ill keep the website in mind incase they get too tatty !

Ordered. thanks

Awesome! Ordered, Thanks!

Ordered for my daughters Corsa £11.84 delivered.

£11.84 delivered, great bargain, thanks

Thanks OP, ordered for my Fiesta £11.84 delivered

similar one for my bmw 3 series are £39.99. Ordered thanks op.

Thanx, ordered

£11.84 delivered for my Mazda 5, covers all 3 rows (7 seater). Bargain!

Have some heat!

£11.84 delivered for my Mk1 Golf Bargain!

Ordered a set for my RR Ghost EW.

VW Passat 2003 for £11.84 delivered. Heat added

Thank you....Got my mats fr VW Passat £11.84 delivered

£11.84 for my 308. Nice.

Just what I needed ! Fantastic price ! X)
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