Fitted sheets £1-single, £2-double, £3-king @ B&M

Fitted sheets £1-single, £2-double, £3-king @ B&M

Found 17th Aug 2016
All plain colors under home plain dyed range ...

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available colors


available colors

​Which store, is it specific?

​Which store, is it specific?

not store specific ...reduced in all stores
£3 for a King... sensational

how much is the Queen
Absolute rubbish.
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good find op, heat added
Saw these in my nearest one last Friday 12th, so perhaps running at different times in different parts of the country.
Decent colours all sold out when I looked, mostly black left.
These sheets bobble after about 3 seconds. Fitted sh*t not fitted sheet.
I got a kingsize reduced in tesco from £10 to £2.75 worth checking x
If you want long lasting bed sheets always go for 100% cotton if you need a one off for guests this will do
I bought a red one and when I washed it all the dye came out and dyed the whole wash. I had used colour catcher sheets in the wash but even they didn't stop everything else being ruined. Luckily I only ruined 2 pillowcases and 2 hand towels. If you buy one - wash it on it's own!!!!!!
Good as a dust sheet. I'm doing some decorating anyway.
Showing as a penny cheaper on their website for all sizes, shame it's only fitted sheets as they come in nice colours it's almost impossible to find a flat sheet that comes in any colour other than white when you don't like white
for this price may as well use them as disposables. cost more to wash.
People whinging over a quid ... use it until it bobbles and throw it away or use it to cover the carpets whilst repainting the house.
got these, not very comfortable, bit scratchy but do the job. going to be using them as disposable
no super king
Great for camping or holiday disposables
Are these 100% polyester ? I may pick one up as a dust sheet for decorating. I'll never sleep on a 100% polyester sheet again!
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I'm sure it's a bargain but these sheets aren't very good quality. I bought them once one time in the wash they were bobbled and scratchy and thrown in the bin
Brilliant thanks heat added
Perfect for making my blanket fort.... I mean respectable adult activities, at £3-king, that's 4-king cheap! (_;)
rubbish bedding as das tons better quality
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