Five 4k Uhds for £40.35. Kingsman.Martian.Prometheus.Assassins creed.The Revenant @ Amazon France

Five 4k Uhds for £40.35. Kingsman.Martian.Prometheus.Assassins creed.The Revenant @ Amazon France

Found 27th Oct 2017
as the title says.. five uhds for £40.35 delivered to the uk. currently over £70 for a similar set from amazon uk.
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Heated very good for 4K films. Already got four of the five so doesn't make much sense for me but bargain for anyone looking to get into 4K without an existing collection....
bit of a mix. ive already got Martain and Revenant and theyre both damn good looking movies. kingsman looks good too. for me with UHDs its more the HDR than whether its true 4k or not. all five of these movies have got good reviews for PQ. you should see a noticeable improvement over the bluray for all of them.

think they come with bluray copies too. gotta be worth at least a fiver back on ebay for them lol..
Are these 4k hdr?
yes its a set of five 4k hdr UHDs. it also has the bluray version of each movie aswell.
Thanks mate well worth for the money early Christmas present to myself.
French box art on these do you reckon?
yes id imagine so.
obvious question- there's english audio (without burned in subs) right? There are a few others in that sale that interest me.
ive not got a set yet myself. i was shown this by a european friend of mine who saw the deal.. theres not a lot of info about the set but usually these are just the regular discs put into a sleeve and repackaged.. so the five movies should be the standard five separate french editions of the UHD+bluray.

according to the individual french editions all have english audio. the specs look near identical to the uk versions. its cheaper for them to make them all the same and just modify the menu for each region..

obviously bear in mind thats the risk to take when purchasing from a foriegn language site. its cheaper but you have to put up with foriegn menus and packaging..

theres also a Passengers/life/arrival boxset for 29.99 euros but thats showing as out of stock. that clearly lists english as one of the languages..
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