Five One-Hour Boot Camp Sessions for £10 with Army Boot Camp Fitness (Value: £50) with Groupon

Five One-Hour Boot Camp Sessions for £10 with Army Boot Camp Fitness (Value: £50) with Groupon

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Found 9th Feb 2011
This is a great deal if you live in the London area for just £2 per session and perfect for kickstarting your body into shape ready for summer.
If your single its a great opportunity to oggle a fit body too

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Run by ex-forces tough-guys, Army Boot Camp, as featured on BBC 3’s Last Woman Standing is a tight a ship as it sounds. Classes are organised by fitness, so that participants are only comparing themselves to people of similar levels of fitness. This method creates a motivational level of competition within each class, nobody feeling too out of their depth, but nobody being charging ahead of the rest of the group either. Many people find this group exercise and the team mentality an effective method of exercise, as it gives them an incentive to continue.

This Groupon entitles customers to take five boot camp sessions in whichever of the three Army Boot camp locations they choose:

> Highbury Fields; meet at the junction of Highbury Place and Highbury Crescent next to Barclays Bank
> Victoria Park; meet just around the corner in Well Street Common next to the Victoria Park Pub during weekdays, or the Royal Gate West opposite the The Royal Inn on the Park pub on Grove Road / Lauriston Road on weekends.
> Wanstead Park; meet at entrance to Wanstead Park at the junction of Northumberland Avenue and Wanstead Park Avenue.

Classes tend to be about 60% women and 40% men, with about 15-20 people per instructor.


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I cant get the link to work, if anyone can edit for me please...:D

This deal is really good so please dont vote cold because i havnt been able to llink the deal properly.
There is a lot in the news lately about Army style weight loss so for just a tennor you get to have 5 sessions and you get to choose what park.
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