Flappy Bird - Play in your web browser for free!

Flappy Bird - Play in your web browser for free!

Found 10th Feb 2014
Play Flappy Bird in your web browser, the No1 Craze at the moment.

Supported controls : Keyboard (space bar), Mouse (left click) or touch (mobile platform).

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Credit NeoTrix

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I see this thead made its way to Hotukdeals Facebook Page
Edited by: "fluidz" 27th Dec 2017
I can't play anymore.

it registers every click twice on my phone!

it registers every click twice on my phone!

Works fine using an Ipad 4th Gen in Safari, and on an Htc One, both work optimally in Chrome. Try changing your browser perhaps?
Edited by: "fluidz" 10th Feb 2014
I didnt download the app. Thought it would be too addictive. Just tried it there and I really cant understand the hype of it. its terrible.
You have a lot to answer for fluidz

[image missing]

Edited by: "FrootLoop" 10th Feb 2014
If you're on Android and you love it so much, just download the .apk file and sideload it whenever you want it.
Game is INFURIATING glad its been removed lol
its just copter
I managed a grand score of 1 before I gave up
This is a rip off of the original. It is not endorsed by the bloke who made flappy bird who never made a browser version.
**** that

**** that

You gave it 4 stars? I give it 3 at best! Each to their own!
I could swear a minute ago..

[image missing]

This plays nothing like the original android version, which means another game of hell to master. Leave me alone!!
collision detection is poor. 2/5
Just completed it what a game :P
worst game ever
lame version of the glorious helicopter game
Lame ass game
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