Flash Power Mop  Was £19 Now £3 @ Asda Instore

Flash Power Mop Was £19 Now £3 @ Asda Instore

Found 12th Nov 2011
Better than Half Price

Wow - I bought 3 when i saw these today!

Normal price is around £19


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is it instore only?
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Put Asda in the title so people know where the deal is at!! Heat added

They need to be this cheap considering how expensive the refills are - and you can't get into the detergent bottle to refill with anything else.

Good price, I got some for quick whip rounds to freshen up inbetween big mops and for the bathroom, work really well. Heat aded.

yes you can get into them just drill the top and make a wee plug

Wow very hot if i other stores too. I will be running there tomorro lol

nice one! heat added

Wow very cheap the refills are £3 for bottle and £3.50 for pads but they last ages and i mop every day


yes you can get into them just drill the top and make a wee plug

I personally wouldn't refill them with wee. Might be a bit smelly in the long run.

is this nationwide?

costly refills and my sainsbury stopped stocking the pads and refills a couple of yrs back

Yup - if being discontinued what will happen when you run out of pads?

Great price for these power mops and can buy refills for around £2-£3 at places like Savers etc, i stocked up last time I saw them on offer but could def do with a new mop now so trip to asda for me today! thank you

If you turn the refill upside down into a pot of boiling water so it only covers the lid for 30 secs or so the lid should come off easily.

8)nice gonna get me one of these

You can either do the boiling water trick or slide a slim sharp knife around the gap between the bottle & the cap, there's just a few tiny plastic 'teeth' facing against the thread stopping it coming off with the thread as normal.

I've been using the same bottle & refilling with a supermarket own brand no rinse/streak/quick dry floor cleaner for about a year, dirt cheap (pun intended) & works just the same.

None in Milton Keynes, Has anyone found the deal except OP?

nice one

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with this today? TIA!

My stores only ever gets these in during the cleaning events so probably no chance of me getting one but I'll take a look. Thanks OP.

not in portrack stockton, have £4,47 or something, asda own brand ones, refill sponges £2.49. looks like a sponge on the end of a stick, looked fine, but looked like the same consistency of a bath sponge so not sure how long it would last.
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