Flashpoint Complete Season 1 UK DVD £2.87 delivered at Amazon Martketplace
Flashpoint Complete Season 1 UK DVD £2.87 delivered at Amazon Martketplace

Flashpoint Complete Season 1 UK DVD £2.87 delivered at Amazon Martketplace

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My first deal submitted, so be gentle...

Flashpoint - The Complete First Season UK R2 dvd. £2.71 delivered from Amazon.
Edit: £2.71 from Amazon has expired, but is still £2.80 new from a marketplace seller.

FLASHPOINT is a high-octane yet character-driven cop drama about the Toronto Strategic Response Unit (SRU), a team akin to the American SWAT force. Brought in to handle the cases no one else can, the unit face hostage situations, terrorists, bombs, gangs and more... extreme predicaments are all in a day's work. Combining an array of state-of-the-art technology with good old fashioned intuition and negotiation, Enrico Colantoni (VERONICA MARS, JUST SHOOT ME) heads the SRU team of highly trained professionals. Yet this doesn't stop the job leaving its mark; with heavy burdens to bear and risks to take, emotions invariably run high. This collection includes all episodes from the acclaimed first series.


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Great show. Ordered this for myself, so thought I'd submit it here too.


it's £8.49 ... cheap price is marketplace not amazon


it's £8.49 ... cheap price is marketplace not amazon

It was on there earlier (I ordered mine :D)

Solid cop show and for only £2.71 (Marketplace seller) it's well worth it

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Mine was from Amazon. Seems they've upped their price or sold out.

Now £2.73 new from a market place seller.

Will update the title to reflect this if I can.

Is this going to be one of those shows that gets canned out about 3 series??

Has this been on UK tv as it has ITV in the corner?
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This is actually quite a good show.
It's nothing too innovative but is a fun way to pass 40 minutes and at this price you can't go wrong.

Other people have hit the nail on the head here. It's a solid show, with strong characters and enjoyable to watch (bonus with the Pink Power Ranger in it).

Season 1 was on itv3 or itv4 about 18 months ago and repeated recently late at night. Didnt catch the second season, maybe its not been shown?!

Mmm, Amy Jo Johnson. Great show for £3!

The second season has been shown as I'm almost to the end of season 3. Been watching this since it first started airing. Rather good show, from our Canadian brothers. Definately worth buying.

just ordered


First episode is on amazon - just watched it and it looks superior to the usual US cop/swat shows. Hot.

Just ordered at £2.87 new inc postage,heat added.

Great. Just ordered a copy myself.

Received today. £3.43 incl. shipping to Germany. Brilliant!
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