Flat peaches or nectarines £1.00 per pack @ Tesco
Flat peaches or nectarines £1.00 per pack @ Tesco

Flat peaches or nectarines £1.00 per pack @ Tesco

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Yummy flat peaches or nectarines half price @ Tesco, they are usually £1.99. I bought a pack of each this morning and had 8 peaches & 8 nectarines in each pack which I thought was very good value. They are easier to eat apparently


They look a bit funny but good price

Might be worth changing your title to £1 for a pack as £1 each looks a bit expensive.

they look like asses lol


they look like asses lol


They are delicious the flat peaches,try them,bargain!



that's some seriously ugly looking Ass.

50p at Asda

Those peaches are tiny, not much flesh on them so are expensive considering how much actual fruit you get.

These are lush, so juicy and sweet!

99p in Morrisons and 10 or 11 in a pack

Yes, I agree Morrisons are the best buy for these

How much did the pack weigh?

Couple of weeks ago, Morrisons were doing 3 punnets for £2 of flat peaches, and they weighed more than 1kg each, so that's 66p per kg or punnet.

without a weight, the deal cant really be judged at all

Original Poster

Just checked mine & there's no weight on the pack only dimensions of the fruit which are 56/61mm and there were 8 in the pack if that helps

fazz73 - I am suspicious of items with no weight on them.

Just weighed a couple of flat peaches and they came out at about 85gms each. So 8 X 85gms = 680gms for £1 at Tesco, compared to Morrisons deal of 1kg for 66p.

got some delivered sunday

covered in mould this morning!

Fresh fruit my @rse
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