flat wiper blades £4 Tesco [INSTORE]

flat wiper blades £4 Tesco [INSTORE]

Found 15th Nov 2008
flat wiper blades with adaptors for many models
now half price


£8 online, my local store doesnt have any left

These type of blades are awesome. I'm suprised they are not standard fit on all cars.

I bought some last time they were on offer, I couldn't figure out what "combination" I needed for my car-the only one we could get to work made them stick up far too high compared to the original Vauxhall flat blades, so they're now in the boot of my car-and I coughed up for ones from Vauxhall instead.
I just didn't like the connectors-they were very lose and the first wipe the wiper came off the stalk.... *shrugs* That said, they did wipe amazingly well, once I had found a combination of the little connectors that sort of fit!
Wish the instructions were clearer... cause we had no chance! None looked or fitted like my originals!

do what i did mazoo and take the old connectors off your originals as they dont have jeep ones in the pack either, an they are far better than jeeps wipers

These are very good wipers for the price.
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