FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360), Only £27.99.
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360), Only £27.99.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360), Only £27.99.

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UK Release Date: 22nd June 2007.

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is rebuilt from the ground up and specifically developed to take advantage of the additional feature sets and improved processing ability of the Xbox 360 to produce an entirely new, breathtaking FlatOut experience.

Some of the many brand new design and gameplay components featured in FlatOut Ultimate Carnage include 12 cars racing on screen up from eight in FlatOut 2, five all-new single player and two all-new multiplayer game modes over the Xbox Live® online game service, over 8,000 dynamic objects per track up from 5,000 in FlatOut 2, widescreen High Definition resolution (720p), dynamic lighting and shadowing all with proper real-time environment mapping on all vehicles, downloadable content via Xbox Live, and 20,000 polygons per car up from 7,500 in the previous generation.

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Voted hot, quite fancy this while I wait for Burnout 5 :thumbsup:

Its based on Flatout 2 on the PC and that is a great game. High hopes for this one. Nice find from the OP.

Fast, furious and fun. Anyone who’s played the previous two titles in the … Fast, furious and fun. Anyone who’s played the previous two titles in the FlatOut series won’t be surprised to find that third word being used to describe Empire’s destructive racer. Rather than trying to adopt the edgy ‘coolness’ of Need for Speed, FlatOut plays for enjoyment first and foremost. Its inspiration is drawn from The Dukes of Hazzard rather than a Vin Diesel flick. This focus on hedonism explains the enthusiasm that has greeted the announcement of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage. Bugbear Entertainment is once again behind the steering wheel of development and is threatening to blast past fears of a poor Burnout clone.FlatOut Ultimate CarnageGranted, the ability to ram your opponents off the road during races is a Burnout staple, but in FlatOut such an attempt is more likely to lead you and your foe into one of the many alternate routes along each track. Additionally, the boxes and telegraph poles that litter each track can be clipped to create an ever-evolving racecourse, causing rivals trouble as it becomes cluttered with debris. And FlatOut is the only racing series that takes the ragdoll physics of a driver catapulted through the windscreen and uses it as the basis for a batch of mini-games.FlatOut Ultimate CarnageIt’s these driver-projecting point-scoring objectives – as you try and fire your player out of the car and land his body on a bull’s-eye to beat high scores – that’ll introduce a whole new generation to the sadistic fun that is the series’ stunt mode. Expect a new set of games that’ll fully embrace the Ultimate Carnage tagline, as the multiplayer version will offer simultaneous driver-projectile action. Two new multiplayer modes and five new single-player modes are promised, plus a wealth of downloadable content over Xbox Live Marketplace from the get-go. With a release date penned in for this summer, check back for a FlatOut Ultimate Carnage playtest very soon.WHAMMY!FlatOut Ultimate CarnageUltimate Carnage offers original car designs loosely based on well-known brands. This means Bugbear Entertainment is free of any licensing issues and you’re free to wreck, ram and destroy each four-wheeled powerhouse as you see fit. Progressive polygon mapping promises to leap over the current Burnout standard, with advanced car physics meaning every smash will affect your car’s performance, while the Xbox 360 graphics boost sees cars become realistically scraped and caked in mud and dust as races progress.RUSSIAN ROULETTEFlatOut Ultimate CarnageSingle-player is split between Career and Arcade; the first is fairly self-explanatory, but Arcade isn’t a simplified ‘quick-race’ variant. Instead, it boasts its own career, which mixes the former’s race structure with more spectacular modes such as destruction derbies, stunt courses and a race variation on Pong. Subtitled Head On, the latter sees racers complete one lap then immediately turn 180° and race back the way they came, leading to some spectacular near-misses and pile-ups.LIVE AND PRIMEDFlatOut Ultimate CarnageBugbear Entertainment has confirmed specific Live game modes that build on those modes from the single-player experience, but focus on team-based play. Expect to see a team version of Destruction Derby and Deathmatch Tag Derby, which splits racers into hunter and prey. An eight-player version of Pong is also on the cards. Xbox Live support is promised past the game’s release with new cars, tracks and new game modes to appear in the near future. Price is still to be confirmed.LIVE ON THE WILD SIDE FlatOut Ultimate CarnageEven on the normal races, Ultimate Carnage boasts a huge variety of racing backdrops. Expect to be powersliding through the likes of aircraft hangars as well as along rivers and city alleyways for position-stealing shortcuts. Combine this with the promise of destructive scenery and we could be looking at a Die Hard excerpt rather than a Burnout clone; we’re already imagining leaping through buildings and powersliding under jumbo jets. It’ll make shortcuts all the more exciting!

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