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Diplomat Biscuit Flavour Tea Bags 112g/40 Pack in Chorley Lancashire

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Presumed national. love the biscuit one.

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  1. Ninjasquirrel5's avatar
    Not a patch on the Yorkshire tea equivalent, this stuff is absolutely vile.
  2. Oddball501's avatar
    Not a patch on the Yorkshire Tea version but also a significant difference in price.
    jasmith85's avatar
    I couldn't agree more, I'm a big big fan of the Biscuit Tea and I was excited to see this and the other flavours in Aldi, but it's no where near Yorkshire Tea's version I mean not even in the same league and then some. I admire there attempt to try but this is a flop, I ended up giving it away at work.

    Sadly it's a nightmare to get hold of here and I live in Yorkshire. (edited)
  3. Stardust83's avatar
    Is this not the normal price? I'm sure that's what I paid for them about a month ago.
  4. Loufrance's avatar
    They started at £1.69 if I remember rightly, then they dropped to 99p and now 69p
  5. brightonly's avatar
    that has been the normal price for at least 5 weeks for all 3 favours. I was alerted to that by a deal on hear then. They're a copy of the yorkshire, but still good.

    I've stocked up in case the price drop means they're going to discontinue them at some point
  6. FineTuning's avatar
    I had a pack of these, also tried the gingerbread and currently working through the salted caramel version. I found them to be nothing very special, but it OK for an occasional drink. We had them because my wife won them in a raffle, but I wouldn't buy them myself. Hot. (edited)
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