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20 Craft Beers from Tiny Rebel & Four Pure delivered £19 @Flavourly
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Be quick, these get expired fast. Usual fayre. 20 Craft Beers plus 2 glasses and snack delivered for £19. New customers only. 20 delicious craft beers - now featuring Tiny Reb… Read more

Pretty sure there's some term that it's subject to stock etc. I know there was with the last version of this same deal. Nevertheless, point still stands about the beers themselves!


You'll get what's advertised. This was only posted on their site today. (y)


It's in description. You can't put all terms and conditions of all posts in the title. :p


The other Tiny Rebel ones are. From what I know it's a mix and a chance you'll get some of the selection. I'd say there good fridge fillers but by no means decent beers. If you can afford to pay £1.50 for a beer rather than £1 you can get alot better quality for that 50p at the likes of Morrisons with there 4 for £6 deals.


Title needs amending for new customers only

20 Craft Beers Tiny Rebel / Four Pure + FREE Delivery and Glasses £19 @Flavourly
Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
20 delicious craft beers - now featuring Tiny Rebel & Fourpure Brewing Co. 2 FREE tasting glasses (worth £9.90) Includes exclusive magazine (worth £5.00) FREE delivery (worth £… Read more



Actually, less than a quid for tiny rebel beer is VERY good. Unless you can find it the same price elsewhere??


It won't. That's a unique code Simon, that also gives you a £5 credit for getting other people to subscribe. This deal isn't subscription.


Very expensive compared to Frosty Jack


Ordered, Cheers (y)

20 Craft Beers and 2 glasses for £19 delivered @ Flavourly
Found 5th DecFound 5th Dec
Flavourly craft beers. Bargain!
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CAMRA! (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) Oh you're serious again! (shock)




(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) Oh you're serious! (shock)


They have arrived, can’t wait to try them!



Flavourly Black Friday Deal (Tiny Rebel Collaboration + Free Glasses) £25 + £5.95 Delivery
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
Voucher code BFBEERSMS gives the box for £25 and then £5.95 delivery on top -unless you go shopping for more (looks like the original free delivery has been taken away)
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https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/20-craft-beers-tiny-rebel-four-pure-free-delivery-and-glasses-19-flavourly-3132071 £19 and live.


Still running but the code does not include free shipping. Its £5.95?


Is this new customers only like the other deals?




This one is £19 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/20-craft-beers-by-tiny-rebel-four-pure-19-flavourly-3100413 And looking further isn't it exactly the same... This is cheaper.

20 Bottles of Craft Beer £19 delivered @Flavourly
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
20 Bottles of Craft Beer plus glasses, magazine and snack delivered for £19. It says /shows bottles, but I wonder if you'll end up with cans. Not seen these bottles in ages. Made b… Read more

Ordered, had it before and liked most of the beer.


I took full advantage of a previous offer as well as this one and thoroughly enjoyed trying them all 😜 (lol)


I've had these before. They're OK, if not a little bland. IMHO You're probably better off using the supermarket 4 for £6 deals to get a better and more varied selection.


Oh Alcohol tax, remember when it was £1 a beer bottle unless you where in a Pub or a Bar, I don't remember because all the alcohol black outsbut it was much less I know that (y)


Just loving the originality of Flavourly voucher codes here... we've had FBRT1, 2, 3 and now 4 (lol)

24 Tiny Rebel Beers for £29.90 - Flavourly (+£5.95 P&P)
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Right now you can get a case of 24 beers from Tiny Rebel, featuring 6 great beer styles, for an unbelievable £29.90! That's less than £1.25 per beer!

https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/20-craft-beers-tiny-rebel-four-pure-free-delivery-and-glasses-19-flavourly-3132071 £19 and live


For 26 quid tha can get 28 440ml stellas... cos lets face it, most of this stuff tastes the same and people only drink it to impress their friend (yes, 1 off ;) )


I followed the link and it was £19 delivered(New customer-use a different email) -yes they are 330 cans and I've never heard of the beers - but tbh worth a try at just over £1 a can


|Firstly site is so slooooooooooooooooow. So £1.49 for 20 (4x5) that I have never tasted, so uf just one is bogging I have 4 cans to give to the father in law as an xmas present, or I go to Aldi pay the same for something I like in a bottle ( williams brothers alba) or something in a can even less ( and I only have to buy one and the father in law is happy as he doesnt have to drink my cast offs). Are these really nearly £3 for a 330ml tin, or is this sports direct pricing? Sorry I am out...


Or £19 delivered..... New customers only.... But sure your nan, or mum or whoever would like some delivered! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/20-craft-beers-by-tiny-rebel-four-pure-19-flavourly-3100413

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craft beers offer from flavourly - 20 cans for £19 - free postage.
Found 12th NovFound 12th Nov
ad in radio times.pretty good offer IMHO. ...20 craft beers for £19 with this great offer... In this offer, you’ll receive one of our expertly-curated craft beer boxes - featuri… Read more

https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/20-craft-beers-by-tiny-rebel-four-pure-19-flavourly-3100413 This one is still live


I bought these last time offer was on for grandads Christmas present! They’re a bargain


I had a big lunch too...


I've just brewed a 9.6%er at home... :D


Not even resembling the original offer now: 1 × Fourpure Pils Lager - Fourpure 1 × Fourpure American Pale - Fourpure 1 × White Hag Little Fawn - White Hag 1 × Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale - Oskar Blues 4 × Flamingo Juice - Flavourly 4 × Electric Boogaloo - Flavourly 4 × Pillow Fight - Flavourly 4 × Endless River - Flavourly there we go there's the usual Flavourly Way, choc full of their own brand stuff.

20 Craft Beers by Tiny Rebel + Four Pure £19 @ Flavourly
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
New customers only. Be quick they don't usually last long! Includes their new range of Tiny Rebel beers and even newer range of Four Pure beers. All Amber / light ales, no stouts… Read more

Cheers OP! :) Your original link is still working, and I'll happily accept whatever selection is sent. :D This will make a GREAT Christmas present for a beer loving brother. (y)



Or, each can has a diameter of 66mm and height of 115mm....


330ml cans


What size are these beers?

20 craft beer, 2 glasses and a snack hamper £19 with free delivery at flavourly.com
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
20 delicious craft beers 2 FREE tasting glasses (worth £9.90) Includes exclusive magazine & snack (worth £7.50) FREE delivery (worth £5.95) In this offer, you’ll receive one … Read more

Had 2 of the beers. Flamingo Juice & Pillow Fight, a stout very nice indeed. So thanks again.


ordered, this also TCB at £1.34 if they will pay it is another question ....


Ordered this a couple of weeks ago. Have tried a few of the beers and there's nothing that's blown me away (yet), but still a decent deal nonetheless. There's 2 of each beer so 10 different cans. I really like the pitta chips snack that was in there so I'd buy them again.


Charged me £70 odd - had a previous account but used a different e-mail address. Sent a cancellation message


Looks sold out, managed to squeeze in my order though!

Flavourly 10 craft beers for £9.90 using code + free delivery
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
10 craft beers for £9.90 free delivery. It is a sub box so make sure you cancel after your first order if you no longer want it. Its usually £25 a month. Easy cancellation.

"this voucher code is for new customers only."


I have received this today, vent on the website canceled membership - all OK!


Ordered, thank you. Heat added.


People are a bit weird on this site.


I too am unsure why people are voting this cold lol

Flavourly Hamper:  20 Craft Beers For Just £19!
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Usual deal, different and working code :) 20 Craft Beers 2 Tasting glasses Magazine, Snack & Free Delivery! Always a good deal

They’ve shipped my order and charged me £19 so it all looks good.


Well, not only have they shipped out the new order with different name and email, I've just had notification that they've shipped the cancelled order too! I've checked the account and they have definitely processed a refund so all being well 2 orders will arrive for the price of 1 at £19.


Expired 😫


If it's the same as previous address,they'll cancel


Normally happens when your not a new customer

20 Tiny Rebel & Bad Co beers Delivered for £19 @ Flavourly
Found 29th OctFound 29th Oct
20 Cans Of new Tiny Rebel beers + Bad Co beers Delivered for £19. Includes free glasses and magazine. Full credit to Jackie Brown. Not subscription and new accounts only. They w… Read more

I used a different address, name and phone number and still got cancelled so it must've been the payment card. That is harsh.


Arrived today, yodel left in the front garden behind a sub 3 foot wall. Luckily nobody peered over the it! Nice variety inside and already enjoyed some others have played down, taste is entirely subjective (y)


I ordered with a new email address & postal address but same card details and still had my order flagged. This was genuinely for my father as a gift as I enjoyed my hamper. Took it up with CS but still unwilling to release the order! Hi Brett, Thank you for reaching out to Flavourly. Our offer is an introductory offer – so is for new customers only, and one per household. I am sorry to disappoint, but I am afraid this offer is no longer valid for yourself – even if you intend to give it to someone else or send it to a different delivery address. Do keep an eye out on our email offers for existing customers. I’m sure you’ll be able to bag a bargain! All the best, Ashley Customer Experience


And now you have no beer.... ;(


I just read "Beer" and clicked the deal button fast as I could!

Tiny Rebel 24 Craft Beers + FREE Delivery £36 @ Flavourly
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
Probably not for everyone, but this is a great deal for the craft beer fan. £39.90 for 24 Tiny Rebel beers is a steal. I've had them all courtesy of another deal and there a fantas… Read more

Thanks ! I wasn’t sure if I should so just tagged it here :)


Full credit to you JB. Definitely deserves its own post! (y)


Code THL22 gets new customers 20 cans for £19 leaflet says it’s usually £50. Free delivery too. Upon ordering it says usually £73.35.


Not a fan of radio or woo loo moo (y) Blue monday I liked


Tastes like a can of cheap lager thats been left open for a few days. The others i enjoyed bar the porter/stout but im not into them at all pango the highlight for me

24 Collaboration beers between Flavourly and TinyRebel £39.90 with code @Flavourly
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
This case has 8 x Disco Nap, 8 x Blue Monday and 8 x Woo Loo Moo Loo (24 beers total). For the case without stout the link is https://www.flavourly.com/products/tr-launch-1/ cod… Read more

Just a heads up when you order from flavourly, they retain your cc on your account. You need to go on live chat to get it removed, When I questioned why there was no option to remove your own card details they had no reply for me.


You def got issues (horror)



Becoming a stalker now (y) 4% go craft beer is gonna be thin bodied.


Would prefer 6 cans of 4 varieties rather than 8 cans of 3. 8 cans is a bit of a grind if one of them isn’t to your taste.

20 craft beers (Tiny Rebel Bundle) + tasting glasses, snack and a magazine for £19 delivered - NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Another flavourly bundle here, this one with some tasty brews from Tiny Rebel included (12, in fact!). Well worth £19 this - perhaps not the RRP of £75, but it's not far off! N… Read more

Mine is out for delivery today


Yodel breaking my package so they have sent it back to Flavourly bloody annoying.


Happened to me twice, even with a different postal address! Got someone else to order for me in the end!


They have clocked me even with a different email address! My order is on hold for me to get in touch with them, and if I don’t they will just cancel my order. (fierce)


20 - but 12 of them are the tiny rebel cans.

20 Craft Beers DELIVERED + Glasses £23. 70@Flavourly (not subscription)
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
It's back! 20 decent Craft Beers DELIVERED plus Glasses and magazine for just £19. Beers from Wild Beer, Four Pure and Bad Co. Decent selection of Sessions, IPA and Porter for les… Read more

Just ordered, thanks for posting :)


Just let me order this now. Cheers OP.


Ah stinker. Cheers for letting us know.


This voucher no longer valid :( Lets me apply the BEEROFFERXL voucher but as soon as I Check Out/Pay Now button it says voucher is no longer valid and reverts to the £72.85 price


It was the Craft Beer Hamper. Haven't tried any yet, so cannot report on quality.

Craft Beer / Wine / Gin Christmas Advent Calendars - MEGATHREAD
Refreshed 24th OctRefreshed 24th Oct
The recent Costco Beer Advent Calendar post inspired me to have a look around. And I found these beauties: Open for full list: I think the Flavourly Early deal is the best and bo… Read more
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I’d always go for the 4% beers. 5% is too wild for me!


no mention of virgin wines one? seemed to have sparked the craze a few years ago 79.99 + 7.99 delivery (people hate paying delivery though!) https://www.virginwines.co.uk/wine-advent-calendar


Don’t feel I can vote either way on this; it seems about its price if you went to your local independent beer shop and bought them can for can. Definite down marks for not being able to at least have some specificity on beer type. Although I have my gripes with Beer52 at least they let you pick a loose brew type. But upticks for it being something a bit different. I’m not a stout/dark ale drinker at all and if there were even a couple in the pack it would make the value diminish if you divide the cost per can. Pretty fun present though if you know someone who wants to get into ale or expand someone’s horizons but the risk factor is a bit too high for someone like me who knows what he likes/likes what he knows.


Craft has become a racket over the last 4-5 years. M&S are selling Mikeller at under £2 a can. Go figure.


The brewdog pack leaders advent calender (the cheapest one) is £40 https://www.brewdog.com/item/3544/BrewDog/BrewDog-Advent-Calendar-2018-The-Pack-Leaders.html

20 Craft Beers for only £19 Includes Free Delivery at Flavourly
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
20 Craft Beers Plus 2 free Flavourly glasses worth £11.90 Includes exclusive Flavourly magazine worth £5.00 And free 48 hour delivery worth £5.95 Click the link to see which beers… Read more




Sold out now


(mad) good deal........ trouble is to save money they have changed from royal mail to yodel????? mine got dumped on the doorstep in the rain ........ no card left just pure luck it was still there when i got home(mad)


I tried that method above , didn't work, whats the code?

20 Craft Beers and 2 Free Glasses for £19 Delivered @ Flavourly
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Includes: 20 delicious craft beers 2 FREE tasting glasses (worth £11.90) Includes exclusive magazine (worth £5.00) FREE delivery (worth £5.95) In this offer, you’… Read more

(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Weird post?


Ps you're a girl. Take that!


This is a terrible deal because you CAN NOT have an 3.8% IPA! It's a disgrace! This should be burned at the stake!


Alcopop?? Why does it taste like that?? :/