Flea Collars for Cats and Dogs £1 in Poundland
Flea Collars for Cats and Dogs £1 in Poundland

Flea Collars for Cats and Dogs £1 in Poundland

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Both cat and dog flea collars in poundland. Bargain!


These don't work. Ask your vet, they will tell you that they are a waste of money.

Kill or Repel fleas?

Don't believe in the use of flea collars for outdoor cats as I've seen many cet caught in bushes by the collar or with paws trapped trying to pull the collar off.

Best option is Frontline once a month

They're also quite cruel and dangerous, apparently. I'm informed that any collar is a risk to a cat if it doesn't have a quick release safety catch thingy.


Have used these - they are OK - seem to work and have an elastic stretchy thing so if the cat does get caught the cat can squeeze out

I've had cats over years who have used flea collars, and known many others who have done the same with absolutely no issues whatsoever. However, I do prefer to just use a comfortable collar for the cat, and if he gets fleas, just use Frontline and nothing else.

Also, these have been at Poundland for years now, also in my local 99p store for years too.

Best use for these is to put them in your vacuum cleaner bag (not much use for Dyson types though) to kill any that are swept up from the carpet etc.

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blimey, you folks do like to moan LOL. I didnt say you HAVE to buy or use them. I am sure this will be useful for some people. We have used collars for years and had no problems, but obviously its just personal preference and everyone is entitled to an opinion. Although the comment about them being cruel is quite OTT!!!
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