Fleece Car Rug £1.48 *INSTORE MISPRICE* @ Tesco

Fleece Car Rug £1.48 *INSTORE MISPRICE* @ Tesco

Found 9th Jun 2012
Went into Shoreham Tesco today to by a blanket. Found this fleece for the car which was priced up at £6 something. Not a bad price for something like this.

Got it to the till and came up at £1.48. So me being me went back and got another one. They had loads left.

Always handy to keep in the car,

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I don't know if you've noticed, but it looks like your card has been charged £53.50...unless Tesco have got a glitch with their '£' sign.
Sad that companies like Tesco can not simply clean the thermal head of their printers...

Sad really..
i got £50 cashback. thats why its thats price.

thanks for letting me know karlie. good spot

im glad people do actually look at the post and not just vote.
Cool. No probs.
amazing find..cheers OP
discontinued line where they have not changed the label to the new reduced price. limited availability but a good deal if you can get one.
"Not a bad price"? So you would be happy if it was cheaper then? Tight git
yeah about £6 is a "not a bad price"... just my luck it was cheaper :P

they must have had about 10 in shoreham...
let me guess....You went back to buy more to pimp on egay...zzzzzzzzzzz
no i went back to buy one more for my womans car...
Been noffer before at this price (some months back)
Why do cars need fleece blankets? Lots of them seem to have them. Is it for when they get cold at night?
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