Flesh Harvest by Jacob Rayne - Free on Amazon Kindle

Flesh Harvest by Jacob Rayne - Free on Amazon Kindle

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If you liked Jacob Raynes book 'Digital Children' that I posted a couple of months ago (which I think is still free) then here's another of his books.

There's been a number of disappearances in a town in the North East of England which have led the locals to believe there is a monster lurking in an abandoned barn on the edge of town.

Despite this, a family are searching for their missing dog near the farmland.

The wife goes into the spa on the farmland, but she’s been gone a long time…

For those of you who like gory horror and suspense.

Digital Children is not free on Amazon, but you can get it here dl.bookfunnel.com/g69…fih free.
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Digital Children: From the grave to the cradle Kindle Edition by Jacob Rayne (Author) Kindle Price: £2.29

Not free on Amazon, but if you look at a previous deal I posted, you can get it free here. dl.bookfunnel.com/g69…fih
Grr, not free. Amazon just charged me for this. Didn't even go to checkout and one click isn't turned on!
Digital children that is. The other one is free.
Only free on Kindle Unlimited.
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