Found 22nd Apr 2009
To celebrate the launch of our new online switcher process we are offering £100 to the first 1,000 customers to request a current account transfer using the new Account Transfer form within the Internet Bank. (Terms and conditions apply)

The new online Account Transfer service is the quickest and easiest way to arrange the transfer of your Direct Debits and standing orders from an account with another bank or building society to your Nationwide FlexAccount.

Simply sign on to the Internet Bank, select your FlexAccount and then select 'Transfer your account to Nationwide' from the left hand menu.

Please use this link :-…htm

Tried direct link but took me to the insurance page for some reason


[*] Terms and Conditions
The FlexAccount Internet Bank Switcher Offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. This Offer runs from 21 April 2009 to 31 May 2009 ('qualifying period') and is limited to the first 1,000 qualifying customers who switch a current account with another provider to a new or existing Nationwide FlexAccount during the qualifying period. Forms received after the qualifying event period will not qualify for the offer.
2. This offer is open to FlexAccount customers that hold or are eligible for a debit cards on the FlexAccount and are registered with the Internet Bank ("qualifying customers"). It is not available on Cash Card Accounts or FlexAccounts with a chequebook and cash card or cheque guarantee card.
3. This offer is not available to customers with a FlexAccount or any other Nationwide product that is in collections or arrears.
4. To qualify, you must sign on to the Nationwide Internet Bank complete and submit an "Authorisation for a Current Account Transfer" form within the Internet Bank, transferring Direct Debits or standing orders from a non-Nationwide account to either a new or an existing FlexAccount which qualifies in accordance with clause 2 above;
5. Joint account holders can transfer from an existing joint account into the same names or from a sole account into either name.
6. For the first 1,000 qualifying customers to switch their account during the qualifying period, a payment of £100 will be credited into their FlexAccount between 1 and 31 July 2009. No alternative is available.
7. This offer may be used in conjunction with other Nationwide offers but only one payment of £100 will be made per qualifying customer and FlexAccount (including joint accounts).


Have some heat & rep - great post, shame about the ignorant silent cold votes!

Also rep for the T&C info Choc

Got my £100 paid into NW account 7/7/09!
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