Flexible 30cm ruler for 12p in Tesco

Flexible 30cm ruler for 12p in Tesco

LocalFound 31st Aug 2013
Saw these in the Back to School section and the price had been dropped down to 12p. This was at the Tesco's in Huddersfield.

I know I keep posting Tesco deals but thats the only place I have time to quickly snip into in the evening after work to shop in lol

Great for kids and you won't need to worry about replacing them any time soon as they are very flexible.
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Not really new, they've been 12p for around 2 months, in my local store.
Ah but how flexible, can you put it on the edge of your desk and 'twang' it so it played a tune for 5 minutes like you could in the 70's ?
I just read it back and lol'd quite a bit after reading your comment.

12p is a very good price as you need rulers even at University (not everything is typed up and on computers).
Thanks OP! Heat
i got hese when they were 37p in my local tesco
are these shatter resistant?
great for measuring the girth of stuff..........
i used to like these rulers when i was at school, you do have to be careful if you bend them around a lot though, because while they don't break they to have a tendency to stretch slightly... that can get very confusing.

Hot though...
Don't carry it about with you though. It's a recognised burglary tool.
Pencil case arsenal;
1. - Flexibile (thwackable) Helix ruler
2. - Flickable Parker pen (with spare cartridges)
3. - Compass with a hooked spike end (for snagging clothing!)
4. - Drawing pins (for sticking on seats!)
Happy memories!
This is perfect as I've got a bunch of Möbius strips that I was unable to measure, until now.
Nice price, but the ruller is useless, as you cannot use it to draw a straight line.
Good for measuring only.
Great for playing slapsy in the classroom, get a great whip motion!


Pencil case arsenal;1. - Flexibile (thwackable) Helix ruler2. - Flickable … Pencil case arsenal;1. - Flexibile (thwackable) Helix ruler2. - Flickable Parker pen (with spare cartridges)3. - Compass with a hooked spike end (for snagging clothing!)4. - Drawing pins (for sticking on seats!)Happy memories!

Laggy bands with paper bullets.... Lolzzz classic
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