Flexiseq Sport Gel 100g £15 @ Lloyds

Flexiseq Sport Gel 100g £15 @ Lloyds

Found 21st Mar 2016
This around £12.50 for a small tube ( 50g ) on ebay & Amazon .

Flexiseq Sport 100g Twinpack is £28.50 Thats 200g
Flexiseq Sport 100g Triplepack is £40.50 Thats 300g


Product Description
Flexiseq Sport Gel 100g

New Flexiseq® Sport has been developed in collaboration with professional sporting partners to meet the demands of the sports and active-lifestyle market.

Flexiseq® Sport 100g gel is a topically applied, non-drug gel that lubricates damaged surfaces within joints to relieve pain and stiffness. It is clinically proven to be as effective as a prescription painkiller (celecoxib 100mg, twice daily) at relieving even chronic osteoarthritic joint pain.

Flexiseq® Sport adopts one of the worlds premier anti-doping laboratories batch testing protocols, to offer further assurance the non-drug product is safe to use by athletes and anyone else subject to anti-doping rules, for example those in the armed forces.

Flexiseq® Sport meets the demands of all professional athletes and those who exercise, stay fit or simply enjoy an active life.


• Effective non-drug product
• Relieves pain and stiffness
• 100g Gel
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anyone know if this is any good for back pain?
Original Poster

anyone know if this is any good for back pain?

Its more for joint pain
I use it for my knee's & hip joints plus also having Acupuncture every two weeks
For back pain then Acupuncture should help
You could try a Tens Manchine they costs around £ 20 - £35 for a 2 channel one


Edited by: "dparr59" 22nd Mar 2016
definitely helped my knee pain but had to stop using as it caused very dry and cracked and bleeding skin where it had been applied. I contacted them to get their advice but got no reply to my email. I am now very dubious about the company and it's products.
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