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Flexispot XC2 Recliner Chair (Two Colours) + 3 Year Warranty - W/Unique Code

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About this deal

Get Flexispot XC2 Recliner Chair for £82.79 with unique code (Generate HERE) or Newsletter Signup

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Modern Aesthetics, Lasting Durability
Style marries substance with our contemporary design that effortlessly complements any decor. Crafted from premium materials, the recliner stands as a testament to lasting quality, delivering comfort for years to come.

Effortless Recline
Say goodbye to the hassle of levers and buttons. No matter whether you prefer sitting up straight or with your legs up or lying flat, with just a push of the backrest, you can enjoy your favourite sitting position on this adjustable recliner

Perfectly Designed for Comfort
Imagine sinking into a world of unrivalled comfort, where every detail has been meticulously curated to provide the perfect blend of support and comfort for an extraordinary sofa experience.
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  1. Nik29's avatar
    Anyone have this?
    Bigbil's avatar
    I'm returning it

    Good value. It has a protruding bar on back that makes it really uncomfortable. Even with pillows you can feel it.
  2. redarrowrules's avatar
    I like Flexispot, I have one of their desks. But these chairs look like something out of a care home.
  3. phil73's avatar
    Not keen on the XC2 but the recliner/riser with massage (XL3) looks tempting flexispot.co.uk/ele…tml
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