Flight Motocross 20" Bike was £120 now £30 - In store at TESCO

Flight Motocross 20" Bike was £120 now £30 - In store at TESCO

Found 4th Dec 2010
I was in Borehamwood Tesco today and they had a Flight Motocross 20" Bike reduced from £120 to £30 and they offered to assemble it also for free.

Cheapest anywhere by a long mile and a great gift for Xmas. Ideal for kids aged 7+ . The guy working there said it was nationwide but not online. I have linked the online url so you can see the bike.
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Hope they have these in my local Tesco. Will be there tomorrow
They should do i have a picture of the price tag , how do i upload this
[image missing]

Thanks for posting. I have added an image to your post.
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : - hotukdeals.com/ite…hr/
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will look in ilkeston tomorrow, cheers
Good price But Be WARNED the seat cannot be adjusted on these
Good price, very good price, but there's a reason for that; I wanted to get one of these for my son because I thought he'd love it. Went to halfords and asked to see one and the salesman very reluctantly brought it out, and then actively discouraged us from buying it because there had been complaints and people hadn't been happy with it, and that honestly, they'd had some trouble shifting them in the first place. The seat doesn't adjust, and it's also quite heavy so no good for a kid under 10/11 unless they're very strong.

I would definitely advise having a quick look at one in real life if you can or making sure it can be returned and refunded, just in case.
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I suspect the very low price is a warning! Tempting for 30 quid but if it's as bad as stated.......
Can't locate it any where!!!
saying £120 on website

saying £120 on website

Please read the OP
my 5 year old had one last christmas.. loves it.. its heavier than a normal bike but he still rides it fine..

£30 is a scorching price..
Will be the same as the Kawasaki, I bought my boy 1 and they are very heavy but for this price a cracking deal. The seat can't move because it's part of the framework.
Went all over looking for this deal, brookfield center, harlow, chelmsford, all no stock.

Hot Deal if you can find them, annoying if you can't.
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