Flights to Florida Sanford on Dreamliner from Manchester  - Thomson Airways

Flights to Florida Sanford on Dreamliner from Manchester - Thomson Airways

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Looking at flights to Florida, and Thomson airways have some exceptional prices for between 10-14 night trips.

Plenty of options for travel in the next 10 weeks.

Prices based on 2 adults and 2 kids. (Need to take them out of school)

28 aug to 11 sep £328
29 aug to 12 sep £287
31 aug to 14 sep £283
01 sep to 12 sep £280
01 sep to 15 sep £240
04 sep to 18 sep £233
05 sep to 19 sep £233
07 sep to 21 sep £233
12 sep to 26 sep £313
14 sep to 28 sep £283
19 sep to 03 oct £313
21 sep to 05 oct £283
28 sep to 12 oct £283
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thats for flights plus accomodation, plus different travel dates.

This is for flights only
So Thomson not Thomas Cook?
Doesn't include a baggage allowance, so you'll have to add £60pp to get 20kg allowance
TCX don't have dreamliners
Sorry, thomson airways. edited the op
Could I get prices for just flights just for one please? Xx
Yeah sure...loads of dates showing as £269 return for single travellers.
Manchester only?
plenty from other destinations.....goto the link and search
Great price IF you can take the kids out of school for a further 2 weeks.
Great deal   Thanks OP 👌
Worth checking out Virgin. We got 16 days for 2 adult and 2 children for £1887. That's for flights and hotel in October.
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himmerz11th Aug

Manchester only?

Chevk other airports last minute ones at this time of the year are normally always cheaper.
Classic penalise those with children fares
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