Flip it! Gyro Game
Flip it! Gyro Game

Flip it! Gyro Game

FREE FOR ONE DAY ONLY! Download now, you've nothing to lose!

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Flip It! Gyro is exclusive to the iPhone 4 & iPod touch (4th Gen) and uses the gyroscope and retina display.

Featured by Apple as an ★Awesome iOS4 App!
➤➤ The perfect game to show off what your new gadget can do!

In Flip It! players shake, twist, flip and jab to beat the challenges and climb to the top of the world rankings.

You need an iPhone 4 or the latest 4th Gen iPod touch to play Flip It! Gyro.


◆ Unique Gyroscope Gameplay
◆ Perfect for families and parties!
◆ Party Mode for up to 8 players
◆ 30 Time Trial Levels
◆ 4 Survival Modes
◆ 9 Different Moves
◆ Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
◆ Challenge Your Friends on Facebook and Twitter


Turn your speaker up, and get ready to move, move, move! This is the perfect party game, and is as fun to watch as to play. No more playing alone, the whole family will want a go!

Enter Party Mode and up to 8 players can duel it out to see who is the flipping master!

Take on Survival Mode and stay alive as long as you can. But it won't be easy! Every move you make, the game gets faster. Can you stop from spinning out of control?

Compete for the top spot in Challenge Mode! Finish the levels in the fastest possible time and see where you rank in the world. Replay each level to cut valuable seconds off your time and shoot yourself up the global leaderboards!


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it isnt free only lite version free

I just downloaded it for free?

Original Poster


it isnt free only lite version free

are you sure you have the correct game?

yeah flip it! is £1.19
filpit is £0.59
and Flip it!lite is FREE

sorry my fault xxx


quite fun actually


I don't like these sorts of games (ie like this, tennis serve etc ...) games that need quick sharp movements of my very expensive device! With the wii you get a strap, with the motion you also get a strap not with the iPhone

How many kids I wonder have damaged their or their families iPhones whilst playing these sorts of games. What about the adults themselves when they've had a few and want to play party mode

The developers should be made liable (in some cases) for any damage done!

thanks! though i find the guys voice in the game annoying lol
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