Flip 'n' Flyer - ASDA instore only £1.00

Flip 'n' Flyer - ASDA instore only £1.00

Found 20th Feb 2008
Official description:
A revolutionary new flying disc unlike any other. Designed with gyroscopic principles, this flying disc does more than just FLY!
Toss it with a spin and players can catch it by the attached 'gyro' cord. It's easy to perform a trick or two before you toss it back .. and..
For exciting solo entertainment, Give it a spin & the fun begins
Make up your own tricks and
Check out the dazzling effects while your FLIP N FLYER

These are available elsewhere for anything between £3.95 & £9.95(unbelievable but true). These items were on the shelves in ASDA in the "regular" displays i.e. not a clearance section.

Videos of the item in use can be found here flipnflyer2000.com/act…tml

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