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Flir one Android USB-C | Thermal Imaging Camera for Android £152.85 @ Amazon

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OK, not the cheapest its ever been but is back down at a reasonable price and with winter round the corner it might be a good investment to find those cold spots in your house..


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FLIR - Official Website


Thermal imaging is one of the most powerful technologies ever developed to enhance human vision beyond what we see with our naked eyes. Human vision is limited to a very narrow 'visible' band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared radiation carries radiant heat and with its longer wavelength, cannot be seen by the human eye. Almost everything around us gives off or reflects heat, which can be 'seen' by thermal imaging.

Turning your smartphone into a brilliant phone.

The all-new third generation FLIR ONE continues to hone the formula of the ultra-portable thermal camera. Thinner, lighter and tougher than ever, the FLIR ONE is here to outshine its older generation models.

With a sturdy new design, we’ve taken everything that made the previous models of the FLIR ONE so successful and have added in a few tweaks to this third generation model.

Our latest model is perfect for those who are new to thermal superpowers. Explore the neighborhood, solve problems around the house, and see the world from a new perspective, the FLIR ONE will undoubtedly become a basic necessity. With the companion app available, viewing real-time heat maps of your surroundings on your phone has never been easier.


The new and improved app lets you access tips and tricks to continually see new ways to use thermal imaging. Stay connected to the user community and easily share your images on social media. See around corners and awkward spaced by connecting to your Apple Watch or Android smartwatch.

MSX Technology

Like previous FLIR ONE model, the third generation includes both a visible and thermal camera. The magic happens through FLIR’s patented, multispectral dynamic imaging, or MSX technology, which embosses a visible image over a thermal. The end-result is a better, crisper image, which helps improve overall quality and readability when you need it most. With the FLIR ONE, you won’t need to guess, you’ll just know.

Thermal Superpowers

Even in complete darkness, users can visualise small temperature differences through the lens of the FLIR ONE. Whether you’re trying to determine why your room is so cold, why your wall is starting to bubble and turn awful new colours, or just trying to find where your dog is hiding in the backyard, the FLIR ONE will help you see the formerly unseen.

OneFit Adjustable Connector

Another advancement we’ve developed with the third generation FLIR ONE is our new OneFit adjustable height-connector. The OneFit allows you to adjust the length of the FLIR ONE connector so it can attach over most phone cases, eliminating the hassle of removing your case prior to use. The new FLIR ONE also features a USB-C version for Android, so whether you want to take a picture of an object or take a thermal selfie (a ‘thermie’), Android users can flip the camera in whichever direction they want.


  • Powerful thermal imaging camera gives you the power to find heat signatures even in total darkness, find problems around the house, and explore your world in a whole enhanced way
  • FLIR ONE app is free to download from the App Store and features exclusive content, real-time tips and tricks, and easy sharing of thermal images and videos on social media
  • FLIR ONE allows you to see and measure temperature differences accurately and from a safe distance. Perfect for basic heating inspections, fault-finding and damp detection
  • Exclusive MSX technology blends thermal and visible spectrum for more detail and enhanced resolution because two cameras are better than one

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  1. Avatar
    I’ve got the FLIR One for iPhone, same thing but different connector. It’s a godsend for identifying things like “why isn’t my underfloor heating consistently warm?” Now I know: the builders laid the pipes weirdly thinking it would be ok! See pic. 
    It overlays the thermal image (think Predator vision) with the iPhone standard camera via software, so you can make out physical objects to define the location. Very handy. Resolution is low, but good enough to see where the hot pipes and wiring are. Software is slow, runs only about 15-20fps so move slowly.
    My biggest issue is its battery life. Has its own battery which needs USB-C to charge, and only lasts for probably 30mins. Doesn’t hold charge well so when you need it, you need to recharge it for an hour or so before you can get it working. 48353814-YvNYv.jpg48353814-Sr2wv.jpgSecond pic above was the car interior during the heatwave during July 2022. Dashboard was reading 57deg. The thing in the background radiating heat? That’s the metal road name sign. Interesting, no? (edited)
    I've never used a flir camera, but these attachments always look fiddly to me, I ended up purchasing a uti260b, £250 it's a standalone unit, works well and is fitted with a £18650 battery, which last quite a while
    48356817_1.jpg48356817-lsrk9.jpg48356817-sLssA.jpg (edited)
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  3. Avatar
    Price of heating a home these days, this would pay for itself after identifying and fixing one draft!
    Unless it's ghosts causing the cold air.
  4. Avatar
    I always wonder if these could spot disposable BBQs, when idiots bury them in sand at the beach for kids to stand on.
  5. Avatar
    It was £145 not long ago.
  6. Avatar
    Silly question - when you take photos using this - does it still show them on the phone as thermal images when you remove this?
    Yes they are images you can save to your phone's gallery
  7. Avatar
    find those cold spots in your house
    I'm still trying to find the warm spots!
    Well my house has hot spots all over the place from these intelligent smart switches . You can see right through all the casing down to the exact always on chips that are obviously kicking out heat comparative to a mobile
  8. Avatar
    I think this is an 80*60 sensor, you can pick up a 2nd hand Cat S60 (prices fluctuate wildly though) to get a comparable sensor as an alternative, often for around the same price point. (edited)
    Carrying a second huge phone in addition to my daily phone, with added hassle of transferring photos between them and keeping a micro usb charging cable nothing else uses these days is a better option how exactly?
  9. Avatar
    No, literally, that's what you can see !!
  10. Avatar
    Useful for seeing if the wife is 'really' having that affair....
    I don't get it.
    unless she's always on heat
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    Missed the deal last time ordered this time so will see how good it is otherwise it goes back as free returns
    Mine went back, the software was garbage.
    Ended up paying for third party software, and even then I wasnt very impressed with it.
  12. Avatar
    Hi ,Does anyone know if this compatible with a android POCO F3.
    Saw that the Snapdragon 835/845 chipset is not compatible.
  13. Avatar
    I used my flir recently checking out radiators it was really interesting
  14. Avatar
    Can I use this to detect gaps in insulation for a new build property????
    Yep, perfrct usage. I've been in the loft to check insulation recently
  15. Avatar
    wonder if i can use this on ipad mini 6 it has usb type c
  16. Avatar
    @brendanhickey I did read that it works with a Amazon fire 7 and few tablets if you download certain apps .
  17. Avatar
    Your phone MUST appear in the list of compatible devices? :/

    It probably works with virtually everything that meets the feature requirements, but that is seriously minimal effort and it doesn't bode well for future software compability or updates.
  18. Avatar
    I'm tempted for insulating etc. Is the FLIR ONE PRO LT significantly better and worth the extra cost?

    Or is a standalone one a better option than the phone add-ons?

  19. Avatar
    Silly question but Does this go through walls?!?
    it will show cold spots within walls
  20. Avatar
    Tempted by this, was going to get a Blackview thermal phone but not sure how that stacks up to this.. anyone got a BV infrared phone here?
  21. Avatar
    shows as £168.43 for me?