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Flixonase Allergy Ionising Air Purifier £9.99 (was £34.99)
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Flixonase Allergy Ionising Air Purifier £9.99 (was £34.99)

Posted 18th Aug 2007Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

For a limited time only you can purchase the Flixonase Ionising Air Purifier for only £9.99 - a saving of £25!

The Flixonase Ioniser, exclusive to Lloydspharmacy, is designed to improve air quality by reducing pollutants and allergy triggers that can cause asthma and allergy attacks.

The Flixonase Allergy Ionising Air Purifier:
* Creates a healthier living environment * Improves air quality & so helps to reduce asthma & allergies * Helps reduce pollutants such as tobacco smoke and dust * Helps to remove allergy causing particles and so helps to reduce allergies to pollen, pet fur and house dust mites * Ideal for use at home in the lounge, kitchen or bedroom * Suitable for most room sizes (up to 200 square feet)

Pollution gets everywhere even in the home. Tobacco smoke, pet fur and house dust mites pollute the air we breathe. There is no escape by opening the windows as the fresh air we breathe can contain the same irritants as well as traffic fumes, tree and flower pollen.

The Ionising Air Purifier has an air filter to help remove impurities and ionisers which help reduce the irritants in the air.

To take advantage of this offer or for further details please visit your local Lloyds Pharmacy. Subject to availability.
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I bought one of these earlier in the year, they've been this price for a looooooong time, I took it back though becasue they are proper loud. Voted cold.
Voted cold because it was loud? Get a replacement it might have just been a faulty fan. It's a nice background noise for night time sends me right off to sleep.

Word of warning though don't stand in front of the air outlet for too long or you'll become highly charged with static electricity and get a shock everytime you touch something metal. Fun for a while, but I kept getting shocks while sat at my metal computer desk. Every so often I would get a shock through my wrist while typing, slightly unpleasant. Couldn't work it out at first but I learnt to just put the device the other end of the room. It works by making the irritants/dust in the air heavy so they fall to the ground. You should vaccum regulary to avoid dust build up.
I was going to buy one when they were on offer at this price last year but one Lloyds had thoughtfully set one up in the store as a demo and the noise stopped me - they are noisy little ******s. If you can tolerate that though it's a very good deal.
Wow - didn't know b-uggers was considered a swear word! Way sensitive filter!
PS. if the noise is not an issue than £9.99 for an ioniser with a fan (a fan does make ionisers more effective) is a bargain so I still voted hot.
Might be better to spend £1.69 on a Peace Lily instead? They are recommended by NASA for cleaning air, although probably slower than a machine and it doesn't ionise the air
I agree with Simate, I had one too and it was so loud and cheaply made that it went back.

Might be better to spend £1.69 on a Peace Lily instead? They are … Might be better to spend £1.69 on a Peace Lily instead? They are recommended by NASA for cleaning air, although probably slower than a machine and it doesn't ionise the air

Nice post, check this out for more on exceptional air cleaning plants:

I used that exact page for my info, took it to dobbies in Dunfermline but they had none, however on my recent trip to Ikea (Saturday Afternoon, I was frazzled) they had at least 4 from the list all really cheap! And a week later my peace lily now has 2 flowers
Another vote for "noisy", makes my pretty average computer seem quiet.

The fan is visble through the front, and appears to be a 80mm fan like you have in a PC, but the noise suggests either a very high CFM/noise unit, or some aero-acoustic issues, like too much resistance to airflow from the filter.

Might be interesting to mod one of these with a quiet fan, but I can't be bothered.

PS. Printed this thread, as my local one said they'd had no complaints about noise, though I guess youd be more forgiving of it if you really needed the anti-allergy air treatment.
I'm Chronic Asthmatic & bought one of these. Yes, OK, it's not the quietist fan, but anyone with asthma half as bad as mine won't care. Breathing and actually being able to listen to a noisy fan is a whole lot better than fighting for every breath but in peaceful surroundings !

Voted hot, Hot HOT !!

ps this offer is back on now !
Where do you get one of these Peace Lillies from for £1.69?
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