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F.lli Schiano E-Ville 28", Electric City Bicycles 250W for Women, in Black 374.4Wh 384.32 / 468Wh £404.47 - @ Amazon

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  • THE MOTOR: powerful 250w and 40Nm ANANDA M129F front motor with a maximum supported speed of up to 25 km / h, which offers a long service life and high performance
  • THE BATTERY: GREENWAY YJ145 36V, 10.4 Ah, 374.4Wh lithium battery that is conveniently stored under the luggage rack; 90 km autonomy in ECO Mode
  • THE GEARBOX: Shimano Nexus 3-speed internal gear hub that allows you to easily switch between 3 speeds, suitable for any type of road
  • QUALITY PARTS: Aluminum frame, V-Brakes, Kenda tyres and rigid fork
  • Other features: Equipped with coaster brake, front and rear light, LED display, a center kickstand, comfortable Selle Royal saddle, a bell and mudguards
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    Nice price for a proper decent bike, the only thing id not be happy about is the front hub motor, i know form experience that these are not as stable as either rear or mid drives, on unstable road conditions these have a tendency to slip and if applying power during a turn can slide .....just something to be aware of

    Heat for the price
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    Some cracking prices on this make ebikes on Amazon

    Trekking bike £462 with inframe battery and disc brakes and 7 speed


    Nexus 7 speed version of the original bike posted £404

    Is there any benefit to an inframe battery?

    I can only see negatives:
    1) charging can not be done separately from the bike.
    2) you cannot get a second spare battery for extra range
    3) when the battery eventually needs replacing, it will be even harder to find a compatible one.

    The only plus: it looks a slight bit more streamlined.
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    this seems a better deal considering the bigger battery and only £20 more:

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    Seems odd in this day and age to advertise a bike as being 'for women'. I appreciate the historical reason 'women's bikes' didn't have crossbars and that there are some anatomical differences between the sexes but there doesn't seem any reason why a man couldn't use this bike.
    Does it really seem that odd to differentiate between two biologically distinct classes of people who, on aggregate, differ greatly physically in terms of height, weight and proportions? The anatomical differences you mention (assuming you’re thinking of “bits”) are the least of it. The average British man is about 5’9” and 13 1/2 stone; the average British woman about 5’3 1/2” and a touch over 11st. (NHS 2019).

    So yes, of course a man can ride this bike -a man average or above in height or weight might find it a tad small. If you’re an average woman looking for a bike, it wouldn’t be particularly helpful to be shown a load of bikes built for the average male body. You might well give up trawling through and go to another shop where their bikes are helpfully categorised based on what is overwhelmingly likely to be suitable for you based on your physical characteristics. So, while there may be some overlap - many men who could happily ride this bike, and vice versa - it makes commercial sense to break them down into “men’s” and “women’s” models. Hope this helps!
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    Seems like a great price. Was in Halfords the other day and all their bikes start at £700+ for similar spec
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    250W Ok for cycling on the flat parts of town,not for hills or steep banks. (edited)
    250W is a legal limit isn't it? It should be OK on hills too if you help. It is a bike after all.
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    Reviews if you research.

    The front rack adds value. However battery is smaller.

    Edit - Sorry. I posted the 2nd bike. Did not spot this and that there were 2 different bikes on 1 posting (edited)
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    Any thoughts yet, range etc..
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    No reviews......so taking a bit of a punt if you buy one.....
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    2 year warranty at extra cost is highly recommended.

    I like this one much more

    But all bikes there are cracking deals. Year ago I paid more for conversion kit. (edited)
    Why do you prefer that one more please (new to these)
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    That is really cheap for a ebike with a battery that size. Actually like half alright tbh.
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    Costco sell the Vitesse Wave for £1060. It almost looks like the frame got upgraded resulting in a built in half size battery.
    It gets good reviews and is ok with hills in mode 4.

    I sense the basket has gone awol with this one. But at least this has gears! (edited)
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    "90 km autonomy" its just a blatant lie....... you do good to get 20 miles out of this torch battery bike. Mind you thats more than most will need.