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F.lli Schiano E-Voke 28" 36v Electric Trekking Bike £462.02 @ Amazon

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Pretty good spec for the price as an entry into the world of ebiking. Mechanical disc brakes, looks like a Suntour suspension fork, 8 speed Shimano Altus gears, 36v inframe battery, Schwalbe tyres etc

Pretty sure you can pick up spare batteries for this on Aliexpress etc for about £200 or less

A bit more info on the bike here


Credit to CloudGamer for the heads up on an earlier thread on a similar bike from the same supplier on Amazon
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    Does anyone know if this can be unlock to do the 40km speed, does say it supports it
    I reckon it's possible, here's a manual showing a similar display, I would be surprised if it's not the same process to adjust the max speed (or at least adjust the wheel size to increase the max speed)

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    Eh? There's 15 in stock
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    Does anyone know how good the bike is? (edited)
    The link in the title takes you to the manufacturing site TBF lots of info there at this price and the seller being amazon there is nothing to loose.
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    would buy but has no reviews
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    I was just going to spend £1600 on a e-Ridgeback...then you go and post this! (edited)
    22kg versus 13.4kg.

    Horses for courses. (edited)
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    11.6Ah battery is very good for the price, normally nearly a grand for this according to price history
    49165566-p5Yo4.jpg (edited)
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    Excellent deal. Heat.
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    But you have to build it all from scratch
    'Build it from scratch' is screwing the pedals on and adjusting the handlebars ?
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    Bargain. But do not use in heavy rain.
    22kg so heavy but most cheap ones below £1000 are heavy. As are many expensive ones.
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    Is the
    2 years Accidental Damage worth getting with it for £14.99
    Given the price of the bike for £14.99 that would cover the bike for everything, after all away from manufacturering defects every other instance would be deemed to be accidental and there are some parts on the bike that would be costly to repair-replace.

    So yes I say its £14.99 well spent.
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    10 left. Be all gone in half an hour.
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    Looks decent.

    contemplating will aye won't aye.
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    Thanks ordered

    Thanks ordered (edited)
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    Will you use it is the question. Not really for keen able cyclists.

    Components are all quite decent.
    I'm a keen able cyclist, but I use my ebike for the commute as it saves me having spare shirts at work
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    Is two year insurance for theft a good price £73? It includes the two years accidental damage. (edited)
    Thats what I was wondering as well, seems like a bargain and peace of mind if it gets stolen. Although does have £75 excess.
    Can purchase up to 30 days after purchase of the bike and can cancel with full refund in 45 days.
    Will buy it once the bike arrives, otherwise it would get activated from todays bike order date.
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    Scroll to the bottom on the amazon page.. the frame is 500mm
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    All gone. This was by far the best of the lot. Now back to its standard OK £999 price. (edited)
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    Missed out because card didn’t go through
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    Up at 999 now. There's a bunch of other bikes by same guys on HUKD rn. But I'm glad I jumped in for this one, it's the (imo) best looking of the bunch. Tyvm op
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    I've got a hybrid bike. I took all the racks and kickstand off. Thought I was too cool for all that. Threw them into a dingy corner of the shed never to be seen again. Now I'm older and wiser (ahem) I'm keeping all the stuff on as it'll serve its purpose and be really bloody useful.
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    Gutted that I missed this - Still tempted to get the white one at £550 - Do you reckon that's still a good deal?