Floaties Child Swim vest only £2.99 instore at home bargains

Floaties Child Swim vest only £2.99 instore at home bargains

Found 17th Feb 2008
Keep your little one safe, floaties child swim vest for only £2.99, RRP is £20.99.
I only saw size 2-4 years so not sure if they do any bigger ones.

They also had floaties child swim seats, - sun protection hats- and arm bands- but i cant remember the price for each of them.- but they were good deals.
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Thanks I've been looking for one of these for our hols
Going to store tomorrow in the hope that they have these much better than arm bands, and virtually the same price!
They also had the swim nappy things for 69p from the same company, sorry my children are all grown up so not 100% sure what they are called
I used a floatie when my 4yr old was 2. We both really liked it. Undoubtedly a bargain
they only got the age 2-3 in caerphilly, typical i need age 4!!
been looking EVERYWHERE for one of these, excellent find! Top post OP!
Voted `Cold' because I don't have a Home Bargains shop near me.

(joke! actually voted Hot as it is a great deal :thumbsup: )
would anyone near a home stores be prepared to send one to me of course i would pay postage etc etc?



kids ages are a small 4 1/2 and a large 18month old. lol
Went into Lancaster they've all gone. Does anyon know vif these were just a one off or have they got more o come.

Voted hot
Asked in my local store and was told they havent got any, wont be getting them until nearer the summer. Was told that the stores who do have them are probably getting rid of old stock :-(
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