Floodlamp light only £24.97 (64% off) + postage @ Firebox- 24 hours only

Floodlamp light only £24.97 (64% off) + postage @ Firebox- 24 hours only

Found 7th May 2009
Firebox have this light in their deal of the day- shaped like a stadium floodlight.

Would make a good gift for football lovers. Looks nice- made out of aluminium.

Other places have it for £60 +

Sadly, unless you live in the land of the giants, it's a bit difficult plonking a floodlight on your desk or next to your sofa. So thank goodness for the Floodlamp. A perfect gift for style-savvy sports freaks, this high-quality lamp looks just like a stadium floodlight. The difference is, it's small enough to put on a table or next to an armchair. Get in!

Offer ends noon tomorrow


Uses 6x40 watt bulbs, thats 240 watts, Wow!! i wouldnt look directly into it, might melt your retinas. It could do with a dimmer switch. Otherwise great item.

240watts isnt very much. not compared to you average 500watt halogen security lamp. inside the house it will be bright though! i used to have a 1500 watt halogen lamp but binned it coz the electric meter went round like a cd player!

Wow I've been looking at this for a present for my football-loving dad for ages! THANK YOU!!! HOT HOT HOT and rep!
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