Flooring Edging £6.99 pack of 10 +p+p @ Argos

Flooring Edging £6.99 pack of 10 +p+p @ Argos

Found 26th Jul 2009
This is really cheap, sells for £4.99-£5.99 for one piece in the DIY sheds

Pack of 10 , works out at £1.27 a piece delivered, the more you buy the cheaper it gets , get 2 packs works out at 98p a piece delivered

Maple 700/2018
Oak 700/2025
Beech/Cherry 700/2001

P+P is £5.80


Size (H)1.65, (W)1.65, (L)120cm. - not very long , you'll have joins all over the place , but it is cheap

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Deends on how good you are at joining i guess LOL !

Do a proper job & take the skirting off............

Perhaps to state the obvious - I strongly suspect this will be MDF with a foil type overlay. Still very cheap but not to be compared with solid wood.
The foil wrapped type always look cheap and are hard to make effective joints with the foil lifting. Also ANY water, even once, and they swell up at the ends making it worse.
Totally agree take the skirtings off or use expensive real wood - you know you should...
BUT HOT at this price anyway

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Yes im guessing its the same stuff i got from Homebase as they are the same company and made from MDF , but it exactly matched the laminate flooring i put down, im being honest here as i got someone to lay my flooring as i had loads of angles and you cant really see the joins , but im using the dark oak so probably wont show as much as the light colours anyway

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Do a proper job & take the skirting off............

thts what all the old timers say but what about in two years time when the laminate is ruined and you have to replace... you cant fit it under the gaps, the new laminate wont be the same thickness and i doubt you could slid it under the skirting anyway. i wont be removing skirting in a hurry again.

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