Flora Pro-Activ with Olive Oil (500g) Was £378.00 now £3.48 @ Tesco

Flora Pro-Activ with Olive Oil (500g) Was £378.00 now £3.48 @ Tesco

Found 3rd Jan 2009
Just saw this on MySupermarket. Flora Pro-Activ with Olive Oil 500g down from £378.00 to just £3.48



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Amazing over 99% off

What a reduction!

lol, thatsgreat, save me a fortune in butter eh! they also have the lurpak unsalted butter with more salt in it than the regular stuff! lol remind me not to use that site

Wow, what a bargin! Just bought 300. Will make a nice tidy profit on fleebay etc,...

just sent my moneysupermarket a query:

Could you please substantiate exactly when your claimed original price was charge by Tescos?

but even with 99% off, Asda are still cheaper!!

Ha Ha!
At that price did it come in a gold plated tub?!
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