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Flora Sunflower Oil 1 Litre £1.50 (equiv 5 litre for £7.50) @ Co-operative

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As the link says really which I know is subject to availabilit but many people are posting the larger 5l for £8+ so 5x of these would be £7.50.
Co-operative More details at Co-operative

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    Search "dangers of seed oils"
    What do you use instead for cooking? I use extra virgin olive oil in salads but heating that will kill the benefits. (edited)
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    Is this nationwide?
    Believe so, check the "where it's stocked" on the link
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    10% discount for students
    With nus
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    Check online for "dangers of seed oil".
    It will change your minds about what you consume.
    This article says the evidence doesn't support those claims:


    Do you have any citations from a reputable source, like a science journal, which says there are dangers for home use?
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    So, if 5 litres of branded Flora Sunflower oil is available for £7.50 or £8.00, what justifies Tesco selling their supermarket own brand at 5l for £8.30??! Cheating customers just like the supermarkets did with petrol?
    That's exactly what the big 4 supermarkets do. Total disgrace
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    was looking yesterday to buy sunflower oil from asda for £8.50 minus the BLC discount but this seems to be a better deal without the BLC discount.
    Totally agree supermarkets are making a killing on their own labels/value brands as increase on those items are far more than the current rate of inflation.
    Morrisons are the worst for this.
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    Moaning on £1.50 price for a litre Sun Flower Oil due to inflation Check out £5 price at Iceland via Uber Eat app (excluding delivery) a day light robbery

    49256201-9cwFQ.jpg (edited)
    I paid £3.50 For this instore iceland last week. I had fomo coz it was the last one on the shelf. Was so pissed off when i seen tesco own brand for £2 the next day.
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    Closest available to me 9994 miles away
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    Great deal. Will check tomorrow in store.
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    Avoid seed oils like the plague
    Specially if coming from The Ukraine
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    Petrol prices and higher for cooking oil Lol
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    seems no stock in
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    Gosh good value.

    ALDI and LIDL they sell their brand for £2.00 (more or less).
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    I bought this Sunflower oil from Farm Foods in E17 at £1.99 with a slightly different labelling but still Flora. It had a pull lid inside the bottle lid. Better stronger bottles than the standard shop sunflower oils and slightly thicker oil as most are like water! I am very pleased with Flora and would definitely buy this make again and for this price it is a complete bargain you won't get better.
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    Has anyone managed to buy this online or delivery or collection?