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Free Flora Cholesterol Lowering Kit & Coupons at Flora Proactive
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Free Flora Cholesterol Lowering Kit & Coupons at Flora Proactive
Just enter your details to get your Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit. In it you'll find information about lowering your cholesterol, recipes, dietary advice and coupons.
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​The recommendation is that you don't mix grapefruit and statins. I don't know why and don't like grapefruit so don't know what would happen.


LOL, yea it is Statins. I just took half a tablet for the next 2 nights. I reckon that should all equal out. I hope!


I was told DO NOT EVER have grapefruit - The trouble is that I cannot remember if it was the Statins or the other pills and potions I am on.




Ordered thanks

Free Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit @ floraproactiv
Found 6th Oct 2015Found 6th Oct 2015
Free Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit @ floraproactiv
This has been posted before but I decided to repost it again for those that have not taken advantage of this yet. The freebie is still active, you just need to fill out the details… Read more

thanks op ordered :)


thanks op have just ordered

Free Flora pro.activ Cholesterol Lowering Kit including Flora coupons - Download or order by post
Found 18th Aug 2015Found 18th Aug 2015
Free Flora pro.activ Cholesterol Lowering Kit including Flora coupons - Download or order by post
Find out how to successfully reduce your cholesterol levels with the new digital version of our Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit. With dietary advice, recipes and coupons, you can … Read more

Sadly it seems not so.


thats not true... its other way round ....


Moral of this topic, is to eat what you want in moderation, as these so called experts do not know everything.


Ignore that part, indulge in sat fat, it too has been exonerated form any link to cvd :) I have a fridge with 6 500g Anchor butter blocks in, same again in the freezer, we eat lots of it and all our blood work comes back perfect now, triglycerides etc well below the norm. So glad I looked into this but wished I'd done it sooner, for myself and parents...


It is, but I have just seen this 'However, since both stick margarine and butter have saturated fat, neither is a very heart-healthy choice.'

Free Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit
Found 10th Apr 2015Found 10th Apr 2015
Free Cholesterol Lowering Starter Kit
This has been posted before but I decided to repost it for those that missed it. The freebie is still active, you just need to fill out the details provided on the link and the cho… Read more

As I said before you are clearly a muppet it shows it with every post. Morphine is safe o my you really don't have a clue and I have been on morphine liquid/patches for 5+ years they cause a lot of problems in fact that stuff can kill you in an instant I didn't really have an option this was last resort for myself plus morphine is class A drug but i guess that means nothing because it's 100% safe right like statins are. You do not look at legit evidence you look at so called research which is funded by pharm companies that was done years ago and I want you to provide evidence to show true facts that cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease (you can't because there isn't any) Stating that real world stories are bogus really sums up as well how closed minded you are this is how to get real facts doing controlled trial for say 1000 over 1 month doesn't show anything it needs years in real world. check out the book Cholesterol Clarity very good read but i already know you are going to make up some excuse about it's not real research blah blah. this is my last post on this


Opening with an ad hominem is always a winner. Of course researchers are funded by the industry however that is declared and funds their research i.e. it isn't a financial incentive, there aren't exactly scientists running around in ferraris. That website was an example but not a real example and it showed a financial incentive to bad mouth statins. Do you not see the irony in linking that when you're trying to show a financial incentive to push statins by big pharma? Real stories from people don't matter at all in terms of real scientific evidence, that is simply anecdotal evidence filled with bias and a hundred other factors. If you cared to check one of the studies I linked, you would see that a large study established that statins have a very noticable nocebo effect. And before you cry "industry funded rubbish" or something, it was a 84,000 strong study co-authored by Ben Goldacre, a very anti-pharma researcher. So you ignore Doctors, researchersand experts/specialists in their fields because they are all apparently funded by industry but you make an exception to trust one that speaks out against statins? You deny any research supporting the benefits statins but cite a Dr speaking out as evidence they are dangerous and just pushed to benefit drugs companies? As a scientist, he should know that he cannot simpy attribute his symptoms immediately to statins and stories from real people are not evidence to the effect of something. He sounds like a politician in the US who is concerned about vaccines and autism, they have heard hundreds of stories from real mothers and are concerned about the obvious and real dangers of vaccines. Not only do we have randomised controlled trials but we have the yellow card scheme which is designed for everybody to report all adverse effects to the medicines watchdog. You also still deny, and have yet to provide evidence disproving, the link between cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease which is a well established consensus worldwide. Your last point makes no sense. Why on earth should statins be available to anyone who wants them? Morphine is safe so shall we let that be served over the counter to anyone who wants some? These small trials involve hundreds of thousands of people. You should look up drug development, Phase IV clinical trials is the continued study of a drug after it has been approved for sale for safety. You linked a study with 9,000 subjects to prove the danger of statins, you are simply cherry picking now, picking evidence that suits your argument, despite arguing against researchers and "small trials". TLDR - You probably think I am closed minded for believing all this but I look at all evidence with skepticism and criticism and make my own choices and I suggest you do the same. You seem to dismiss all positive evidence crying conspiracy unless it supports you own views i.e. confirmation bias so I would argue that, if anyone, it is you that is closed minded. I am never going to deny statins have side effects and the current question is whether they are suitable for low risk groups. At the moment however, the benefits to high risk groups clearly outweigh any negatives and all concerned about receiving statins should discuss it with their GP. There are alternatives but sometimes diet and excercise aren't enough.


You are a Muppet so pharm companies do not pay or give incentives to doctors/researchers well not in your fantasy world i guess they don't. That website was an example that anyone can jump on the web like you did and pull articles about this stuff. It's the stories from real people that are important and I have seen many people have lifes destroyed by taking statins not being fully warned that they can do serious harm. A quote from someone who has experience Former GP and deputy chairman of the British Medical Association Dr Kailash Chand has first-hand experience of the side effects of statins. "A few years ago I started taking statins knowing that it has all the benefits and after perhaps a few weeks I started having muscle aches, sleep disturbance." He says much of the data that the new NICE recommendations are based on comes from pharmaceutical companies that make statins, which, arguably, have a vested interest in the drugs' success. If they was so harmless then why are they not sold over the counter at pharmacies this is what the pharm companies would love but real world data is a lot different to these so called small trials


Yeah counter all my points with a link to a random, insignificant website. You sir, are very gullible, please stop taking everything you see on the internet as truth. That website is run by Agora Health Ltd which has a broken website and is a subsidery of Agora Inc. The other subsideries basically promote get rich quick schemes and offer "insider trading tips" to guarantee 100% profit every week. In short, you can not find anything honest or positive about this company or any of its many subsideries. How can you rely on anything like that?



Flora Cholesterol lowering kit
Found 16th Feb 2015Found 16th Feb 2015
Flora Cholesterol lowering kit
Fill in your details and it is sent to your door. Great for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their health.
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Thank you




I've no idea what sex urinthematrix is, it doesn't matter, it's the same. Medical conditions and exercise levels don't really matter-lowering it isn't of any benefit. Gps know less about this than even casual researchers-especially those educated in the lipid-heart hypothesis, which is dangerously wrong. Doctors used to advocate tobacco use, remember. The problem is common sense has been driven by companies like Flora and it's wrong, plain kill-yourself wrong. I don't understand the kfc reference, sorry. Kfc, cholesterol, obesity, they're not really linked. I just hate to think I'm portrayed as trolling or 'authoritatively' stating facts, which is why I provided links. If love it if Flora pro-active and letting cholesterol did anything but put you at risk-my parents still eat their bs ('food' and 'facts')-and it's just wrong to say keep an eye on your health by receiving promotional material from a company which has it wrong. That said, I've only read about 400 articles and journal entries on this so as always do your own research, buy your milage won't vary, sorry.


Let's take one step back - all urinthematrix said was 'need to keep an eye open on my cholesterol', and you (authoritatively) stated to "Keep it high - in women higher cholesterol is actually protective compared to low chol, and in men there's no data either way (simply because cholesterol has no role in chd events). 240 is healthy" -how did you know urinthematrix was a female? do you know she has an otherwise 'healthy' diet (including regular exercise, etc)? any medical conditions/family history that we should know about? Is/was she pregnant? 'I've been looking at this in depth for about two years'.....I'd be concerned if you'd said you were a general practitioner. With the number of obese Brits on the rise (which sadly involves young children), if someone wants to make changes to his or hers health for the better, good on them! (the information in OP's cholesterol kit encourages the importance of a healthy 'lifestyle', it's not meant to and cannot deplete every bit of cholesterol from the body. It's just common sense, really: floraproactiv.co.uk/proactiv/lower-cholesterol-through-diet ) I wonder how many HUKDers will be tucking into and eating a KFC '9pc' all to themselves tonight......or how many can even spell 'cholesterol'? I eat it, too, on occasion - but I do read the labels so I know what I'm putting inside me. 'Take my advice, don't listen to me' -NY 1986


Really? The US is revising guidelines on cholesterol intake as I write(!) as there's no basis for it, there's tons of studies like http://phys.org/news203844242.html showing it's protective (it's an essential part of the brain and helps ward off dementia...the brain is made of it) and has nothing to do with chd. Seriously. The reason Statins are used to get levels below 210 are because they wouldn't sell enough of them if normal was classed as 240. But 240 is normal, borderline low. If you read one page try this: http://jeffreydachmd.com/cholesterol-lowering-statin-drugs-for-women-just-say-no/ or this http://jeffreydachmd.com/heart-matter-maryanne-demasi-cholesterol-myth/. Phrases like 'Mortality was 5.2 times higher at a cholesterol of 155 compared to mortality at cholesterol of 271' scare me when I see people taking Statins. "Replace foods high in saturated fats like sausages, butter, full fat diary and fatty meats with those containing unsaturated fats (mono- and poly-unsaturated), or opt for reduced-fat options – for example, low fat cheeses, low fat yoghurts, vegetable oil based soft spreads, and lean meat" this is literally the worst advice I've ever seen, bar drinking orange juice and having cereal for breakfast. http://chriskresser.com/cholesterol-doesnt-cause-heart-disease & https://www.skillcollector.com/cholesterol-research/ are basic enough for lay reading - https://www.skillcollector.com/sendy/uploads/Cholesterol%20Research%20by%20Skill%20Collector.pdf full researh with links Oxidized cholesterol is a problem, but that comes from eating a crappy diet and not from eating cholesterol itself (as dietary chol has no influence in blood chol). Total cholesterol levels are meaningless. I've been looking at this in depth for about two years now and there's just no evidence that low cholesterol is something to be aimed for. You're only killing yourself, but at least in doing so you'll lose your memory in doing so and forget you were ever told otherwise! Look in to it, it may save your mind - and your life.

Your FREE Flora guide to lowering cholesterol*
Found 9th May 2014Found 9th May 2014
Your FREE Flora guide to lowering cholesterol*
Want advice on how to lower your cholesterol ?* Here’s the place to start. Order our guide for all the facts, support and extra motivation you need to successfully lower your chole… Read more

Voted hot!!! my father has just been diagnosed with high cholesterol and this is a great way to kick start him into a healthier lifestyle thanks


Not sure the 'boffins' have got it right on this one. The research they base they conclusions on is inconclusive and flawed. Beware Pharmaceutical/ Food company bandwagon


Just wondering what noisy killers there are?


Folks, don't vote this cold. Cholesterol is a silent killer. Let this get some heat & if it helps one person adapt their lefestyle on the basis of guidance, it would be well worth it.



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Your FREE guide to lowering cholesterol
Found 14th Jan 2014Found 14th Jan 2014
Your FREE guide to lowering cholesterol
Want advice on how to lower your cholesterol?* Here’s the place to start. Order our guide for all the facts, support and extra motivation you need to successfully lower your choles… Read more
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but mainly eat this flora garbage


Thank you :)


something we should ALL be watching..

Free Flora Pro-Active Magazine
Found 2nd Jan 2014Found 2nd Jan 2014
Free Flora Pro-Active Magazine
Packed with news and articles on heart health, nutrition, lowering cholesterol, exercise, gardening and more – vitality magazine is everything you need to keep fit and busy! You ca… Read more
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Free Flora Cuisine Recipe Book
Found 13th May 2013Found 13th May 2013
Free Flora Cuisine Recipe Book
Flora are allowing you to download a FREE cuisine cook book on their website. It is in PDF format which you download and save to your computer. You get 30 recipes created by mums o… Read more

Got an invite to the Tesco 'Entertaining Cheeses' campaign today, and Ribena Plus the day before yesterday. Think I now have 6 on the go.


Good idea, do they often have trials then?


a bit off the topic, you could try getting an account with the savvy circle if you haven't already. they wowed me with the shipping. 3-4 days. althought I only had 2 campains and that was a couple of months ago.


Lucky you, I NEVER do. And every time I chase it, they blame Royal Mail....


that's odd.... mine take 2 weeks to get here but I do get them.

Free Flora Cookbook digital download
Found 14th Mar 2013Found 14th Mar 2013
Free Flora Cookbook digital download
Free Flora cookbook digital download. Get a free Flora cookbook download, We wanted to find the best recipes out there – created by mums (or dads!) for mums (or dads!). After sif… Read more
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Thanks, very nice :)

50 Free Points On Your Tesco Club Card @ Flora
Found 30th Jan 2011Found 30th Jan 2011
50 Free Points On Your Tesco Club Card @ Flora
Just do this Flora Heart age survey.Lasts no more than a minute and flora will add 50 POINTS to your TESCO CARD just add your tesco card number when asked.

hi sorry i did it thank you so much £15.50 thank you :D


Thank you, my heart age is lower than my actual age!


hope it works and im early enough.. cheers


Funny thing is that I'm slightly overweight, and come out with a heart age of 25 which is 1 year older than I am, and then my partner (who is young, fit, healthy, active and skinny as anything) does it and he gets a heart age of 26, which is 5 years older than his real age... lol :)


Thanks, heat added.

50 Free Tesco Clubcard Points when you test your age @ Flora Hearts Website
Found 3rd Sep 2010Found 3rd Sep 2010
50 Free Tesco Clubcard Points when you test your age @ Flora Hearts Website
Test your heart age on the Flora Hearts web site and if you are a Tesco Clubcard holder you will get 50 free points but hurry only the first 100,000 people will get the free points… Read more

points never get added.


Did this last time....no points were added....just rang up the Customer services for clubcard points and the guy happily put them on...Seemed he didnt mind because it was such a low value? or maybe the guy was just in a happy mood....you could always give it a try - nothing to lose?


There was a link to do this survey when you logged into tesco website previously - not sure where this link comes from but you're not going to get any points if you don't go through Tesco first, guys.


yep no mention of tesco anywhere. brrr is it cold


It doesn't ask about Tesco....