Florence + The Machine, Lungs cd £5.98 @ amazon

Florence + The Machine, Lungs cd £5.98 @ amazon

Found 20th Dec 2009
Florence Welch, better known alongside her band as Florence + The Machine, confidently announces her arrival on Lungs. With several strong singles taking up a fair portion of this debut release, it's clear that Welch is as much a pop writer as she is a left-field artist, despite the early influence of punk and grunge on her life. Musically, these influences are tempered by an admiration for soul and contemporary indie. Welch also received the Critics' Choice award at the Brits in 2009, usually a sign of big things to come. Includes the singles "You've Got The Love" and "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)".


great voice..

i'm so glad this has expired if i want to listen to a noise like her i'll tread on my mates cat

I like her latest song cover version you got the love by candi staton,although candi's original is better,but i couldn't listen to her album she's too shouty gets irritating kinda like la roux voice too shes whingy.
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