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Florette 14 Ultra Towels Normal, 45p In Store @ Aldi (High Street, Glasgow)
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Florette 14 Ultra Towels Normal, 45p In Store @ Aldi (High Street, Glasgow)

Posted 14th Jul 2018LocalEdited by:"louiselouise"
I usually stock up when I need to, have tried all sorts of brands over the years and these are recommended, especially if you're watching the pennies

Usually I pay 55p no matter whether it's 14x Normal (Green), 12x Long (Purple) or 10x Night (Blue pack), but from a look at the receipt on leaving the High Street, Glasgow store, I paid 45p?

May go back to repurchase other varieties to see if they're also on offer.2984527.jpg2984527.jpgEven if you have no use for these, you could donate some to your local food bank?

PS: For some reason, Aldi doesn't seem to have sanitary towels on their website (unless I'm not using the right search terms) - all that's under Womens' Toiletries is their pack of 2 x 100 Lacura Cotton Pads for 69p - admittedly, also a great buy, and I repurchase these too!

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Finding out the usual Aldi price of Florette Towels is a bit of a nightmare as I can't see much from Google - but this Youtube video from March 2016 says Normal and Long were both 49p.


Over the last year or so, since discovering them, I've regularly paid 55p
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From searching around trying to find consistent prices for the Florette (Aldi) towels, weirdly, a post by recovering spendaholic on MSE from April 2012 says they were 69p for 12 (assume it's this Normal, Green packet) back then!

There's also an article on MSE dedicated to "monthly moneysaving" - and I didn't know this - but one of the cheapest options is 10x Tesco Everyday Value Towels for 23p! Might brave it out and put these in my basket when I pass a bigger Tesco (I'm surrounded by little Tesco stores where I stay)
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Bit late in the day but here's a picture from Robroyston, Glasgow store last night - still 45p, all varieties. Not sure how long they'll be at this price.34534651-5rgKd.jpg

49p now, the panty liners are now down in price - 42p if I remember right.
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