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Flowflex One Step Lateral Flow Covid 19 Test Kit | 5 Tests - £6 sold by The Supply Cube Limited @ Amazon

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Good if youre looking for something like this. Tesco seems to be £9.50 for similar tests (different brand).
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    Is covid still around not hearing anything about it now
    Not sure if serious, but regardless - I had it just before Christmas and it knocked me for six. Then my dad got it and nearly died. Yes, still very much around, still killing people and disrupting lives.
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    Thanks OP been looking for these, my Uncle has stage 4 Cancer and I need these to make sure I won't put him in an even earlier grave when I see him.

    Much appreciated.
    sorry to hear, however understandable you wanting to be more careful when visiting your uncle.

    I know I'm not testing for myself as such, but for vunerable family members
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    Do we still need these ?
    No, unless you know you are around a very vulnerable person then it would be sensible to test.
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    Don't know why people are voting cold?

    Some people still have to use these purely for isolation purposes.

    Yes, covid doesn't kill most people. It doesn't mean it doesn't kill others
    I guessed from your other trolling threads which side you would fall on.

    It's not the cold the cold that kills you but being old, obese, lazy or living with or suffering from a life threatening condition that kills you in the end. But hey let's blame COVID for everything.
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    I still test if feel unwell, I wouldn't want to pass covid onto family or work colleagues. Regular flu jabs, 6 covid jabs in the vulnerable category so not taking any risks. Good find for those who have to pay like my family. I still receive free ones from nhs
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    Thought this was a deals site? Didn't realise it was for opinion pieces.
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    Hand on heart I've never had COVID.
    what you mean is you've never tested positive for COVID, you could have been a carrier and not affected by it., it can affect people in many different ways

    When I got it, all I had was an extremely sore throat, never ever felt as bad as that in 54 years

    AFAIK , my elderly mum (82) hasn't had it either, though granted we were keeping mum away from most things, still getting out and visiting family, but we always had tested prior to visits.
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    excellent, these are £9.99 in my local chemist, had to buy a pack a few weeks back (thankfully all clear)
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    It’s a good price as delivery is included and you probably shouldn’t go Asda with covid - many people are genuinely immune suppressed
    Hard these days to isolate. If you have covid you generally still have to go to work/study ect so for most people self isolating in any meaningful way is almost impossible.
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    Asda also selling @ £6
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    I remember when they used to be free. .

    Not voted either way.
    Correct, I used to get them for free.
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    Had covid twice. Recently had a cold, was worse than the two times I had covid. Tested twice, was negative.
    How many times have you had a covid jab?

    How many times did you have the flu jab?
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    Anyone know what the false negative rate is on these. The previous free ones were prone to error.
    these are the exact same as I previously got free from the government so the error rates are probably the same
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    Good price!!