Fluff Marshmallow Spread 213g     £1.50 @ ASDA

Fluff Marshmallow Spread 213g £1.50 @ ASDA

Found 18th FebEdited by:"PizzaTheHutt."
Last time I bought this was 2011 from Amazon at the time it cost £1.78 per jar

So delicious you'll be eating it out of the jar with a spoon forget spreading it!

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jar of diabetes, for £1,50 nice.
For the all round diabetes and heart attack may I recommend spreading it on these....
I'd heartily recommend this double decker spread. We got it for pancake day and I also ended up eating it out of the jar (didn't even use a spoon, I was just digging it out with my fingers, lol, very classy)

I don't know if Asda's the best price around but this post reminded me of it, so I just thought I'd "spread" the word. Sorry, ill see myself out.

Curse you for reminding me how addictive this stuff is! Heat added btw
Great for lazyman 'smores (saves making a camp fire or visiting the microwave!)
Biscoff spread is £1.50 at Asda at the moment too.
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