Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium £79.20 @Pets at Home

Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium £79.20 @Pets at Home

Found 23rd Aug 2013
The great looking fluval edge 23L aquarium is Available for £79.20 instore at pets at home (reserve and collect).

Also available the 46L for £120.
Both available in Black or White

Possible discount code of AJ557P for an extra 10%
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I have one of these tanks they do look really good. There are a few downsides you should think about first before you buy. I find the the water pump really noisy well it's actually the plastic lid that vibrates, the water heater that comes with it isn't very good at keeping a constant temperature and finally because the opening is quite small I have found it quite difficult to do water changes and to clean the gravel at water changes.

As I said though this tank does look really nice, especially when the lights are on. This is a good price for what you get so its gets HOT but just do your research before you buy
I have just bought the fluval edge 46l 2nd hand off gumtree and I have to say I am very Hadoop with it. Would recommend
I don't find water pump noisy or any vibration. I bought a different make heater as I wanted one where temp could be adjusted.
If anyone is considering this for goldfish. Please don't.
I don't have any issue with the vibration but the cleaning process takes forever just because there is a small opening but it does look nice.
way too small for most fish, a couple of mini tetras max
ive got one, I love it. I find it easy to clean, it stays clean longer than other tanks ive had. I had no problem with any noise from the filter. its lovely.
Converted my 46l to a marine coral tank. Had to update the lighting, as this is inadequate. Agree the opening is too small and real pain aquascape.
Convert to marine & keep a mantis shrimp in it
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Looks fantastic mate is it expensive to setup for marine ?
It's not hard to convert any tank to marine to be honest, although this isn't the best for fish for any type, cold water, tropical or marine.

Marine gives you the option of corals though

It will probably cost you £10 for live rock, a little sand will be next to nowt, salted RO is around £5 for 25L, with a 3L water change a week.

Buy 2nd hand skimmer & probably 1 aquaray for under £100 & you're sorted
That mantis shrimp looks awesome mate ! On mine the plastic lid that covers the filter that vibrates which causes mine to make a noise.
The AquaNano 40 (55 litres) is a far better tank in this price range.
I'd never buy a new tank again anyway, so many bargains to be had in the aquarium 2nd hand market - you'll save 60-80% on new.
The mantis shrimp looks lovely, but be wary - its vicious and can cause a nasty cut. They can also smash the aquarium glass (no, I'm not kidding - youtube it).

Either way this tank is way to small for one. It's a crappy little tank if you want a decent number of fish. It's great for aquascapes though!
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i have a 46l one, got mine in march and paid £149 for mine including heater and gravel so wasnt a bad buy. BUT: my lights have broken already, bad design for lights as the condensation seeps in :-(
I'm in the middle of trying to get my 46l to clear been three weeks now. Fed up as it's well misty. Done several water changes and put the fluval cycle stuff in but still not cycled yet. Everything that gone in has been boiled. Plus as soon as you put the lid on the filter it rattles. Also condensation gets all over the led unit. Very disappointed if I'm honest. Getting close to throwing it in the bin lol
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