FluxTunes free App today @ itunes.
FluxTunes free App today @ itunes.

FluxTunes free App today @ itunes.

todays freebie.......

*** In collaboration with freeappaday.com, FluxTunes will be FREE today only ***

Ever tried to use your iPhone/iPod touch to play music while you're driving? How about when you're jogging and have your iPhone/iPod touch attached to your arm or hip? There are times when it just isn't convenient (or safe!) to have to look at the screen while you use small touchscreen controls to control music playback. That's where FluxTunes comes in. Control playback with intuitive gestures anywhere on the touchscreen.

For example:
- Tap to pause/restart
- Slide left and right to change tracks
- Slide up and down to adjust volume
- Slide two fingers left or right to change playlists
- Slide two fingers up to play music from your whole library
- Slide two fingers down to select playlists/albums/songs
- and more...

You don't need to look away from what you're doing to control your music, making it easier and safer (and more fun!)

Note that your music will continue playing while your device is locked, but you will need to unlock to control your music (since the screen is disabled when locked). FluxTunes will prevent your device autolocking, but you can still lock it manually to prolong battery life.

Proximity detection is now available (iPhone only- enabled via setting)- drop the phone in your pocket and the screen switches off, saving your battery and avoiding any accidental screen touches. Pull the phone from your pocket and it's immediately ready, so you don't need to unlock.

Other key features:
- genuine sight-free music controls- no buttons to accidentally click
- ability to lock to portrait or landscape orientation (or have the app automatically change)
- sleep timer
- dimmer settings for use at night
- configurable skipping forward and back through track
- swap left/right gestures to suit your preference
- shuffling by track or by album


Haven't tried it while driving yet but does seem very good indeed. No more trying to get my finger onto the little FF icon while bombing down the motorway. Thanks to OP, good find this.

Again a free iphone app ducks into the blue degrees. How can it possibly be a cold deal? If you don't like it, delete it.
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