Fly Jumpers Kids! £84.99 @ Amazon.

Fly Jumpers Kids! £84.99 @ Amazon.

Found 11th Dec 2009
* The fastest, craziest, funkiest new craze
* Junior flyjumpers are a reduced size and have lower height capacity
* Fly Jumpers are two curved strips of metal with integral super-charged springs that you strap to your legs for this totally unique, high adrenalin experience
* A stilt with a spring
* Strap in boot platform
* Safety fastenings for security
* Reinforced aluminium structure
* Powerful fibreglass spring
* After minutes youll be running at high speeds. After a day, youll be defying gravity
* Fly Jumpers are also great for a cardiovascular workout!
* Tones up thighs, abs and gluteus muscles

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