FLY LONDON Sandals big reductions @ Amazon

FLY LONDON Sandals big reductions @ Amazon

Found 5th Jan 2010
Bit early to be thinking about sandals for the Summer I know, especially since we don't seem to get one but there's always hope...

Anyway, amazon have some brilliant deals on Fly London Summer shoes. I nearly bought the ones pictured for £79.99 last year, they're now from £16.77 in lots of sizes an colours.

Really nice make these, fab quality. Just type in Fly London, then look at low to high price and there's loads to choose from. Boots reduced too but not as much as the sandals


these are gorgeous, very tempted to treat myself

There are no sixes do they come up average, have you got yours yet, let me know.??

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I ordered a size 4because that's the only size they had in my preferred colour at the time, (I'm normally a 5) and they fit fine. My boots are a 4 also, so yes I would say that they are slightly on the large size

Why is it early to be looking at Sandals - I'm sure I saw Caburys Creme Eggs in Tesco between Xmas and New Year!:whistling:

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you're right, it's not too early. Infact I think I'll don my sandals today, they'll be ideal for crunching around in the snow and ice.

how do you put a smiley on here?

always best to buy out of season where quality stuff like Fly is affordable.:thumbsup:
I've got loads of Fly boots and sandals and I find my normal size 6 always fits beautifully.

£27.99 for me in a size 5!

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that's a shame... I'm a 5 but these fit me in a 4. Worth a try if you're keen on them, free delivery and returns. £16.77 in espresso and white
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