Flybe January Sale
Flybe January Sale

Flybe January Sale

6 million seats from Southampton, Exeter, Edinburgh, Manchester, Norwich, Leeds/Bradford, Birmngham to Europe, Jersey and Ireland plus reduced car hire and hotels.

Use them all the time. Cheap as (expensive) chips and usually pritty good on time.


Annoyed they won't fly me from London City to Edinburgh

but yes - some great deas


Thanks for the tip buelligan and welcome to hukd's

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No worries guys, just repaying the debt (already found loads of bargains). How do you build up green dots then?

The thing that's most annoying about flybe (and a lot of the others, to be fair) is that they advertise some cheap rate and then pile on "charges." Just priced a flight from exeter to amsterdam - fare was £52, taxes £55. Then they charge you a debit(!) card fee. It's all bait and switch. Long live easyjet for including taxes and charges in their advertised prices.

the amount of times i've flown with them and it's been delayed...

they've got a reputation in southampton for being known as Fly-may-Be

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Flown from Southampton about 10 times and only been seriously delayed once because of fog, rest of the time I've been 5-10 minutes either way and the biggie is I've been out of the airport within 15 minutes (couldn't even walk to passport control from some areas of Heathrow in that time)
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