Flybe Massive Seven Million Seat Sale
Flybe Massive Seven Million Seat Sale

Flybe Massive Seven Million Seat Sale

UK destinations..
Southampton £28.99 Cardiff £25.99 Aberdeen £25.99 Jersey £30.99 London Gatwick £25.99 Birmingham £22.99 Exeter £28.99 Norwich £30.99 Manchester £23.99 Newcastle £22.99 Belfast City £23.99 Edinburgh £23.99 Glasgow £23.99 Isle of Man £28.99 Newquay £28.99 Leeds Bradford £25.99 Doncaster £25.99 Inverness £28.99 Liverpool £28.99 Luton £35.99

European cities...
Dusseldorf £35.99 Paris CDG £30.99 Brussels £40.99 Milan £40.99 Amsterdam £30.99 Frankfurt £35.99 Hamburg £38.99 Stuttgart £40.99 Dublin £28.99 Hannover £35.99 Bergerac £40.99 La Rochelle £60.99 Limoges £40.99

Winter sun...
Alicante £40.99 Malaga £40.99

Ski specials...
Chambery £49.99 Geneva £40.99 Salzburg £61.99 Berne £66.99

Summer specials still available...
Rennes-Britanny £34.99 Palma £49.99 Toulouse £59.99 Nice £54.99 Brest-Britanny £44.99 Faro £69.99 Bordeaux £59.99 Dubrovnik £59.99 La Rochelle £54.99 Split £53.99 Perpignan £39.99 Avignon £54.99


Just tried to book Newcastle to London (Gatwick)

Price was £19.84 Each way = £39.68

But the airport taxes were £49.75 on top of this making it £89.43...

Did'nt bother.,... will get a cheap train ticket instead... just wish they would show the prices with taxes rather than wasting your time...

On second thoughts scrap the train, just got a similar flight on easyjet for £35.98 including all taxes.... over £50 cheaper than Flybe...

These appear to be the prices they always charge?

Seems expensive!
Booked 2 return flights yesterday with Ryanair Belfast to Liverpool total cost GBP3.96

Flybe are without a doubt the most expensive of the 'no frills' airlines. I would love to fly Southampton(25miles away)-Nice with them 5 or 6 times a year but, by going with Aer Lingus or Easyjet from Gatwick (105 miles away) I save at least 50% -70% each flight and that includes Nat Express bus fare.

I've never really understood how Flybe survives, as their prices always seem to be so much more expensive than other budget airlines. Who the hell is dim enough to go with them?
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