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OP Impulse Bundle - 12 Steam PC Games - £2.12 @ Flying Bundle
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
12 full Steam games for $2.99 (around £2.12) - worth over £50! Most include Steam Achievements + Trading Cards and positive reviews :) Bundle Includes: 1. A B*stard's Tale >&g… Read more

If anyone doesn't need their Hero of the Kingdom II key, I can swap you for some other Steam code.


If you **** like flying check out air brawl on steam, its a one man dev team arcade dog fighting death match game, and its **** awesome.

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Opium Pulses Bundle (10 Steam Games) £2.24 @ FlyingBundle
Found 4th Jul 2015Found 4th Jul 2015
Pay at least$3.50to get these games Blood of Old Cubot Mr. Bree+ Mystery Game Mystery Game 2 Odysseus: Long Way Home Snuggle Truck Tea Party Simulator 2015 The World Named … Read more

Looks awesome. I don't think Tea Party Sim and Blood of Old have ever been bundled before O.o


Great deal - thanks! 10 positively rated games for under 3 quid! I'm already addicted to a few :/


:D I missed that Bro Bought!


Bought it for Tea Party Simulator 2015. Thanks

RPG Bundle £2 @ Flying Bundle
Found 17th Apr 2015Found 17th Apr 2015
Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode 1 Tides of Fate Complete Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode II War of The Abyss Dungeon of Gain Forsaken Uprising Greyfox Mystery Game Song… Read more

Ah, that explains that then lol. Still 8p more for effortlessly paying. I don't mind :P


If you pay by PayPal they add a small fee.


Sweet, lot of games for very little lol. £2.08 it cost me. Not sure why but still awesome deal. Cheers OP


nice one op, heat :)

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Flying Bundle: Addicts Bundle (11 Games, Steam) £2.69
Found 27th Feb 2015Found 27th Feb 2015
Latest Flying Bundle is out: the Addicts Bundle. It's $4, which currently works out as £2.69 when going via PayPal. 11 PC games via Steam keys, 2 of which are mystery games: - B… Read more

Links to the steam store page for the games included in the bundle: Burning Cars - £6.99 - Negative Countless Rooms of Death - £4.99 - Mostly Negative Diehard Dungeon - £3.99 - Very Positive Grim Legends: The Foresaken Bride - £6.99 - Very Positive * Lilly Looking Through - £6.99 - Very Positive Millennium: A New Hope - £4.79 - Mostly Positive They Breath - £1.69 - Very Positive Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres - £6.99 - Mixed - * Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma - £6.99 - Very Positive * + 2 Mystery Games * Three Artifex Mundi Point & Click Adventures


Lilly Looking Through is a very nice and sweet little game. Worth a play :)

Flying Bundle XV (7 Steam Games & 1 Mystery Game) £1.65 @ FlyingBundle
Found 26th Jan 2015Found 26th Jan 2015
Circuits Crow EvilQuest Guns n Zombies Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade Mystery Game Obludia Vanguard Princess

Yeah you usually get an email from them.


Thanks! So we just get another email with the game?


Usually the second week.


Purchased ty! Its my first time using these guys so un when would we know what the mystery game is?


Darn. Purchased! Lol.

Flying Bundle 13 (PC) 93p @ FlyingBundle
Found 3rd Oct 2014Found 3rd Oct 2014
Gentlemen! (Steam) - Has trading cards Mr. Bree+ (Steam) - Has trading cards Pitman (Desura) Sweezy Gunner (Steam) - Has trading cards Villagers and Heroes: Hero of Stormhold P… Read more

I've played mr bree, awesome platformer but very tough!


Bought, thanks. Trading cards could almost pay for this bundle too :) Have some heat. :)


Sweezy Gunners fun top down shooter with cool soundtrack. waiting for gamepad support to be patched in which is coming


any of the steam games worthwhile?

Greenlight Bundle 2 60p @ FlyingBundle
Found 6th Sep 2014Found 6th Sep 2014
Coated Don't Move Wolf Wars Startag One Snack Please We Slay Monsters Mystery Game

Had some luck with recent Humble, indie etc bundles, even if there's one game in the pack you like its worth it.


Great bundle. Thanks.


Hmm, still no e-mail from them..... ..... and there it is! :D


Heat added and bought. I always wanted to play Mystery Game ;)


Their new win32 app is terrible on my computer, grinds it to a halt so I'm having to use the browser based one but I do like Desura for cheap steam keys.

The Who's Gaming Now Bundle 60p @ Flying Bundle
Found 11th Aug 2014Found 11th Aug 2014
CubeGun (Steam) Guns and Robots - Starter Pack (Steam) Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising (Steam) Jet Gunner (Steam) War in a Box: Paper Tanks (Steam) Xtra Bonus: Carlmundo (Music… Read more

I sadly had more than a few hundred quid's worth...( least at the price I paid for them) :(



Only ever been in one bundle. Maybe Humble might do a re-bundle.


NIce and cheap but nothing i really want. I used to love Hostile Waters but it shows its age now. I would like a deal on Carrier Command: Gaea Mission but it never seems to be in bundles


They did some good stuff - loved "Incoming!" - I even had a few hundred quid worth of shares in Rage - really thought they would go places!

Flying Bundle 8 60p @ FlyingBundle
Found 9th May 2014Found 9th May 2014
Tier 1 - Pay at least $1 to get these games Desert Thunder (Steam) Make it indie! (Desura/Greenlight) Super Trench Attack (Desura/Greenlight) Tier 2 - Pay at least $3 to get th… Read more

lol desert thunder!


-32? Some people are so sad. Heat from me.


Not bad at all matey, Heat added.


And the Friday Night Posse votes cold off the bat. As if Duke Nukem & 2 alone isn't worth £1.80, Heat added yo.

Greenlight Bundle (6 Games) 60p @ FlyingBundle
Found 31st Mar 2014Found 31st Mar 2014
Astroloco: Worst Contact (Desura/Greenlight) Blasted Fortress (Desura/Greenlight) Deep Eclipse (DRM Free/Greenlight) Mystery Game Plazma Being (Desura/Greenlight) Spectrum: A … Read more

You're slacking Astroloco: Worst Contact Greenlight Me. Blasted Fortress Greenlight Me. Deep Eclipse Greenlight Me. Plazma Being Greenlight Me. Spectrum Greenlight Me.

Flying Bundle 6 (8 Games) £1.79 @ FlyingBundle
Found 20th Feb 2014Found 20th Feb 2014
Crater Maker (Desura, Greenlight) Cubetractor (Steam) Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (Steam) Hero Siege (Steam) Mystery Game (Steam) Perfection. (Steam, Desura) Skyward Collap… Read more

Swarm added


Not so keen on these guys, just bought the bundle, money taken out of paypal, get no email with keys, and the account page shows 0 bundles. Been waiting an hour now. ...emailed support and they've now fixed it. Support was pretty quick and friendly, so am not so regretful of my purchase now.


Heat. But they are some shocking games. Apart from duke nukem Manhattan project, it's all kinds of right.


Bear in mind that IndieGala will have a 50% price hike once the first 12 hours are up...


That's two bundles with Hero Siege now, think I'll wait to see what else IndieGala adds before I decide which one to get. Anyone got an opinion on any of the other games in this bundle?

Flying Bundle 5 (8 Games) £1.82 @ FlyingBundle
Found 20th Jan 2014Found 20th Jan 2014
BasketBelle (Desura & Steam Greenlight) Booster Trooper (Steam) CreaVures (Steam) Gish (Steam) Gravity Badgers (Steam\Desura) **Trading Cards** Hamlet (Steam) POP: Method… Read more

I thought the mystery was supposed to be a Desura game? Oh well, not complaining :D


Not The Robots (Steam) has been added :)


Free games. You should have said something.


Didn't wanna poop all over your deals with information about a competition, giving away free game codes, for nothing, cos you might get annoyed, you know, if I ramble on about free games, every week, for absolutely nothing. Plus, you post so many games, I'd probably be typing all night! ;) Did I give you heat for this? Oh, yes, yes I did :)


Where is the competition link ? :D bandwithbob's weekly game code giveaway

New Year Bundle 61p @ FlyingBundle
Found 20th Dec 2013Found 20th Dec 2013
$1 Tier Agricultural Simulator 2011: Extended Edition (Steam) An Alien with a Magnet HD (Desura & Greenlight) Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon (Steam) Mystery Game Uprising 44: … Read more

For me too so don't worry


Their website seems to have died on me at the moment!


Jay never sleeps lol


That might be it as only steam key shows


Does yours still show Steam key ? I think that key worked in both.

Flying Moonrise Bundle - 10 games (Steam/Desura) - £2.50
Found 2nd Nov 2013Found 2nd Nov 2013
A new bundle site Pay minimum $1 for: - Dinner Date (Steam) - Chernobyl commando (Desura) - Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (Steam) - Noire (Desura) - Mystery game (Desura) Pa… Read more

Just that it was a new trader not in the UK so not allowed.


Wait, what? Did they give any reason beyond "we won't allow it"?


Looks like they allow the flying bundle now then. I posted the last one but they removed it saying they didn't allow the retailer on the site. The first bundle was better. At least now they allow these to be posted.


Thanks for the warm welcome :p Oh I see! You don't fancy indie games (well, I suppose most of the people here).


Sorry I was in an evil mood & can see its your first time here. These bundle sites keep popping up left right and centre and selling games that the majority of us haven't even heard of before. Or maybe that's just me. Welcome to HUKD (cue fireworks and explosions).