FLYMO Robotic Lawnmower 1200R £349.99 for Amazon Prime day

FLYMO Robotic Lawnmower 1200R £349.99 for Amazon Prime day

£349.99Amazon Deals
Found 12th Jul 2016
A bit of a niche product but £150 cheaper than it has ever been according to camelcamelcamel!
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Definitely a bargain, would seriously consider if I had a spare 350.
That is a cracking deal. I'm going to have to try hard not to buy this today. If only I'd not seen it. I said if it 500 I'd buy it. But 350 is a steal. I might as well give in now.

The only thing I need to consider is that I actually enjoy cutting the grass.
which idiots are voting this cold?
This was the standout deal I saw when the deals went live at midnight. Left it in my basket till now. I've gone and bought it.
Cracking deal as far as I'm concerned.
Have a little heat OP. Should be much hotter here...
Seems a good deal although wouldn't it get stolen

Seems a good deal although wouldn't it get stolen

​I think it has a postcode/area security thing built in, I know the bigger ones they make do so won't work if taken away but probably still get nicked!
Why cold,are people jealous and can't afford one
I'm not entirely sure I need one but bought it anyway.
yeah I bought one too... seemed to get good reviews, will do proper research later and then might return it if it doesn't do everything I want.
****! OOS!
yeah I bought the last one...
Really don't know why this went cold, (I saw this just after midnight but was too tired to post) and bought it even though I already have a robotic lawnmower (which has been amazing since setting it up in May) as I've never ever seen one (particularly a household branded one like flymo) this cheap before (although I did get student discount too which took it to £318) and I'd done a lot of researching over the last year or so. So it's a great deal...... Doubt you'll see it this price again for a long time, shame it's now oos for those that missed out. My commiserations to the OP for the cold votes, this has been by far the best Amazon prime day deal for me so far.
Odd that this is so cold, it was an absolute steal and as a hayfever-sufferer with a large garden this should be an absolute god-send! Gets great reviews too.
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