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50% off all direct flights on Pegasus Airlines (today only)
Found 22nd Sep 2016Found 22nd Sep 2016
50% off all direct flights on Pegasus Airlines (today only)
Pegasus Airlines are offering 50% off all direct flights, between 15/10 and 25/3/2017, today only. Visit to choose your travel dates included in the campaign. To re… Read more

At least terrorism control is much better than France ;)


Nothing at's tip top mate ;)


Would have voted hot if the site actually worked


Can't access the bloody site. What a shambles


Googling suggests they use Boeing 777 ? Anyways, the deal is for Pegasus.

London to Istanbul Return in April 2016 £80.99 Fly Pegasus
Found 27th Oct 2015Found 27th Oct 2015
London to Istanbul Return in April 2016 £80.99 Fly Pegasus
Amazing deal if you prefer Istanbul for a short break with only hand luggage of course. But even so, a very cheap price in comparison to other airlines in that time of the year. E… Read more

Good deal. Heat added


I agree, the place has amazing character and the dates were just an example to show the price.


Or taking off?? depends if you're a glass half full or half empty type I suppose


Had no problem with a single ticket last July, cost £48 a couple of months in advance. Would not recommend the train to Sofia though, it takes around 17 hours with stops and changes even if it is only £16.


Or buy single ticket and risk getting arrested on arrival for terrorism charges. lol

All inclusive family summer school  holiday to sharm 2adults and 2children £2127.64 - Fly Pegasus
Found 11th May 2015Found 11th May 2015
All inclusive family summer school holiday to sharm 2adults and 2children £2127.64 - Fly Pegasus
I know this won't suit everyone but it did for us on our budget and if it only helps one person I'm happy the flights are with Pegasus airline and fly from London gatwick on the 07… Read more

Great deal OP. I booked for a family of 4 and the best I could get (in school hols, direct and at a decent hotel) was £3,200! Happy holidays :-)


I checked when they first come out in October and they were £1800 without luggage


Nothing special... just average. if you book flights to SSH on easyjet as soon as they release them, they're unlikely to cost you £800 for 2 adults and 2 kids. Nothing like £3.5k anyway.


Kids will have toasted peanuts by time you return! Sharm in summer&£)!?/?


These kinda offers are great for us ppl with kids! Any around for turkey?

London Stansted to Kuwait City return from £212 @
Found 7th Jul 2014Found 7th Jul 2014
London Stansted to Kuwait City return from £212 @
London Stansted to Kuwait City return from £212 @ London to Kuwait city - 4th Oct Kuwait City to London - 12th Oct Other dates available.

I flew with them in Feb, flight was delayed for 24 hrs, they left my family 2 adults and 3 children stranded in Istanbul airport, no offer of a drink, food or hotel. I have since been complaining and all they do is ignore my emails, fly with these guys with caution!


price above inclusive of all taxes.


Agree with kuby5. Definitely not worth what you pay for the tickets. They are at same level as ryanair and they used to charge like ryanair. But now...fgs you pay £300-400 for a return ticket to istanbul. I gp to tr once a year and am trying my best to avoid them. Not because of bad wxperience but i dont like booking 3 months in advance paying £400 and getting ryanair type of flight. Also be careful with the prices. They advertise tickets for £40 but with the tax it becomes £100!!!


I bet it's mega hot in Kuwait in October. Great deal , heat added .


It's budget airline which I can compare to Ryanair. They keep you up all night trying to sell you stuff as nothing is free. I've used them plenty of times when going to Turkey as Turkish Airlines used to be very expensive. But now that TA is much cheaper I would never step foot in a Pegasus plane.

London to Istanbul £82 @ Fly Pegasus
Found 5th Dec 2012Found 5th Dec 2012
London to Istanbul £82 @ Fly Pegasus
The price is in Euro's and flight is from Stansted to sabiha gokcen Airport in Istanbul rather than the Ataturk airports. Also it says booking period is till March but found £100 f… Read more

I paid £800 for a flight plus two nights trip back in 2005. Was the greatest trip of my life though! (_;)


If you have a date in Constantinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul!


Bought mine so yes!


Are you sure you can actually find a date available for this price?


No they are just thieving sods, like all turkish airports.

London - Stansted to Tbilisi (Georgia) Return £169.65 @ Flypegasus
Found 22nd Aug 2012Found 22nd Aug 2012
London - Stansted to Tbilisi (Georgia) Return £169.65 @ Flypegasus
London - Stansted to Tbilisi (Georgia) Return £169.65 @ Flypegasus Outbound 11.11.2012 Return 16.11.2012 More dates available

Georgia in Winter? BRRR!


Nothing from Manchester :$

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London Stansted to Tehran (Iran) Rtn £204.65 @ FlyPegasus
Found 22nd Aug 2012Found 22nd Aug 2012
London Stansted to Tehran (Iran) Rtn £204.65 @ FlyPegasus
London Stansted to Tehran (Iran) Rtn £204.65 @ FlyPegasus Outbound 10.11.2012 Return 16.11.2012 Other dates available

Ok I suppose if you are Iranian but stone cold for me.


Will have a quick look on trip advisor at hotels before I book the flight Lol


Good price, but you'd have to pay me to go to that hellhole.


UK Goverment says: •We advise against all travel to Iran. British nationals have been arbitrarily detained in Iran in 2010 and 2011 and we judge that the risk of this occurring again in the current circumstances, following the imposition of further EU sanctions on Iran, is significant. •The Iranian parliament and Guardian Council voted on 27 and 28 November 2011 respectively to expel the British Ambassador to Iran. During a demonstration on 29 November 2011 the British Embassy in Tehran was attacked and set on fire. •The British Embassy in Tehran has closed and all UK-based staff have been evacuated. We cannot ourselves, at this time, provide consular assistance to British nationals in country.


Don't forget your bikinis ladies... And lads, the Tehran night life for stag parties has to be seen to be believed! If you take my advice you'll stay in Tehran forever! ;) Seriously though, i believe it's a fascinating place with generally very friendly locals (so long as you're not offending any local sensibilities) - look forward to the inevitable day when the current theocratic dictatorship is overthrown for something better, as was the hope of so many back in 1979.

London - Stansted to  Tel Aviv return £160.65 @ Flypegasus
Found 22nd Aug 2012Found 22nd Aug 2012
London - Stansted to Tel Aviv return £160.65 @ Flypegasus
London - Stansted to Tel Aviv return £160.65 @ Flypegasus Outbound 25.11.2012 Return 28.11.2012

Ajibee looks like you are a big fan of this deal which is why it is affecting you so personally (shame others don't think so!). You should not make assumptions about people based on their avatars - this is a friendly deals site not a platform for political debates!! (_;)


I see my humorous observation that kooltariq is unlikely to be a fan of Israel (judging from his avatar) and my suggestion that bokul's other deal, to Tehran, might be more to his liking, has been deleted. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Evidently some intolerant bigot can't take a joke or tolerate free (and reasonable) speech. I you want to delete this comment, please at least leave a note to say so, and explain what rule(s) it contravenes. Thank you.


Cold. Not worth it for three days and like other I agree you'll be stuck at the airport for most of that time!!


Cool no need to book hotels, you'll be at the airport immigration for 3 days unless you can prove your ancestry!!!


Just make sure you don't combine this offer with the one to Tehran...oO

London Stanstead to Beirut(Lebanon) £158.65
Found 22nd Aug 2012Found 22nd Aug 2012
London Stanstead to Beirut(Lebanon) £158.65
London Stanstead to Beirut(Lebanon) £158.65 Outbound 14.11.2012 Return 16.11.2012

Hot! Thanks, great deal. Always looking for cheaper fares than the usual £400-500 return fares with other well known airlines. I'm British but half Lebanese and go to Beirut nearly every year. I understand the concerns on the FCO website if you read that and have no personal experience to go on but don't let that put you off, it's a wonderful place and the food is out of this world. New York Times positive travel articles about Beirut, including voted no. 1 travel destination in 2009: Guardian, 'Beirut is back.... and it's beautiful':


lol let me see, hmm the lebanon? errr...screw that !


Cold I'm afraid. You should read this before booking:


More dates available


Arrive at 10pm on 14th Leave 6am on 16th What a crap deal !