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Flysocks Alarm Clock Bedside, Wooden Digital Alarm Clocks Non Ticking, Adjustable Brightness & USB Charging £11.99 with Voucher @ Amazon

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Apply the 20% Voucher for this price.

  • USB Powered: *Not battery operated. This non-ticking bedside alarm clock is powered by USB power cable (main powered, adapter is not excluded). This eco-friendly LED wood alarm clock is a great gift for yourself your family and the environment.
  • Multi-Function: Flysocks alarm clock displays time, temperature and humidifier with both 12/24H and ℃/℉format. Three alarms setting, 3-level Auto Adjustable Brightness and Loud Speaker, USB Power Supply, Non Ticking and Sound Control. 3 buttons only, easy to set and operate. Portable size, used in bedrooms and office. User-friendly manual.
  • Large Dimmer Display & Sound Control: Bedside clock will auto-adjust the brightness from 07:00 to18:00 (Bright) ,18:00 to 23:00 (Moderate) and 23:00 to 07:00 (Dim). With power saving mode, the display will turn off after 30 seconds, any sound over 60dB nearby will wake up the alarm clock. You can turn off this function which will make the screen always lit up.
  • Most Easy-To-Use: Bedside clock have 3 buttons only. The most simple-to-set up alarm clock ever, meet your basic requirements. Easy operation for kids, seniors and the elderly. You can set 3 wake-up alarms. Updated version with LOUDER SPEAKER is perfect for heavy sleepers.
  • Modern Design & Ideal Gift: Stylish and compact casing will be the breath of nature into your room, to achieve the perfect combination with simplicity. Perfect for travel desktop bedside office. Best gift for kids teens heavy sleepers.
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    Stylish & simple 👌
    Like David Beckham perhaps.....
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    In that 5th picture, I don’t think they’re sleeping
    There's a bit of clapping going on in the 4th pic😁 all very subtle
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    £12 for something every mobile phone already has
    your phone has email so no point in a computer, same for cameras, same for netflix no TV needed... just because the phone CAN do it doesnt mean you dont need or want probably hundreds of other items. haha living my life on my phone just because its theoretically possible would be pretty annoying
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    Digital clock non ticking

    Heated for not ticking (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Where's the godamn flying socks then?!
  6. Avatar
    Looks decent, you will need a power plug or equivalent to plug the USB power cable into. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Its arrived

    Decent but much smaller than expected
    The video on Amazon shows it between a woman's hands - is it smaller than they've shown? (edited)
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    Product dimensions ‎15W x 7H centimetres
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    "USB Charging" is so misleading, so you can't recharge this and use it as a wireless alarm clock? That means it's only "USB Powered"
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    wheres the 20% voucher
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    Upvoted just for being alerted to the name Flysocks

    Wonder if there is Flypants?

    Having posited that lemma, I answered my own question


    You live and learn.

    By the way, while researching this I came across this site that was intriguing and maybe of use to some people looking at junk from Amazon.


    If you use it, remember to click the Refresh link as the AI used to calculate how reliable a review is, is apparently constantly being updated.

    I can vouch for that, one of the REVIEWS (not the item itself) of a Flysock item (1 of 9 total) had an F grade, on recalculation it dropped to a C.

    What remains to be proven is if the rating actually can be relied on at all, I hold no opinion on the matter as the saying goes.

    Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE excepted), I am a man of straw, etc... (edited)