FlyTech R/C Dragonfly - Blue 27MHz / Green 40MHz RRP £39.99 £12.49 @

FlyTech R/C Dragonfly - Blue 27MHz / Green 40MHz RRP £39.99 £12.49 @

Found 11th Oct 2010
The world's first radio controlled flying insect, FlyTech Dragonfly is a fun RC flyer that's easy or challenging depending upon the skill level setting you choose - Beginner or Expert Mode. The controller enables 20 minute charge to give up to 7 minutes of flight, this flying insect features light up LED eyes to alert you to the Dragonfly's status. Simply charge the dragonfly using the remote controller and take it to the skies! ( 2 channel digital proportional remote controller)

FlyTech R/C Dragonfly - Blue 27MHz is an easy-to-fly aeronautiocal marvel that looks and sounds like a genetic hybrid of the real thing. This awesome RC Dragonfly from FlyTech can flap it's wings, soar, dive bomb and glide just like a real insect!

FlyTech R/C Dragonfly Blue is safe to fly outdoors and indoors. With an ultra-light, dual-wing design and 'high-flex', crash-resistant structure even your home interiors are safe from crash landings! Using the long distance RF remote controller, fly the dragonfly up to 50 feet (15m) away!

Have twice the fun - the FlyTech Dragonfly is avaliable on 2 frequencies; fly the FlyTech R/C Dragonfly Green 40MHz aswell.

Age: 8 years +

■Long distance remote controller works from up to 50 feet (15m) away!
■2 channel digital proportional remote controller
■Control functions - height/power, left and right
■Two skill levels - Beginner and Expert
■Can flap it's wings, soar, dive bomb and glide just like a real insect!
■Light up LED eyes alert you to Dragonfly's status
■Ultra-light design protects home interiors
■Remote control is also recharging base.
■Wingspan: 16 inches (40 cm)
■Power: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery



BEWARE - 40mhz is illegal for air remote control in the UK


+ £3.95 P&P unless delivered to a store.

Can also use the code TSUK5 to get the item for £11.87
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these are fabulous and fly great, the only drawback is you can only use them when there is no wind, and I don't mean they wont work in a light breeze, they will just blow away as they are so light. If you have a large hall (church or similar) then they would be a fantastic way to amuse the kids for little money

i brought this for my partner a couple of years back, but he never got it off the ground - it just wouldnt fly. and i paid about £40 for it

Apologies if this isn't the same thing, just had been looking at something earlier today that at least looks similar for £7.49+£2.99 delivery. Just in case it helps someone.…=2&.
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